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2021’s Top 43-inch TVs

Before we get started, let me just say that if you have the space and the money, you should consider getting a bigger TV than a 43-inch model. In the long run, it’s worth it in the long run to upgrade to a 55-inch TV because it’s not significantly more expensive. For those with limited budgets and sizes, a 43-inch TV is a great option because you get a generous amount of screen for only a few bucks more than 32- or 40-inch models. If you purchase a 43-inch screen, you will save $100 or more over a 55-inch screen. While I would say that’s a well-spent sum of money, 43 inches is still a good screen size for watching television.

This means picture quality on 43-inch sets suffers in comparison to best models on 55-inches (and 48-inches with LED TVs). When it comes to TVs this size, where 4K quality isn’t as critical for manufacturers, smart TV functionality provides the most value. These are the best televisions for watching TV shows or gaming (if you have the consoles to match). TVs measuring 32 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. I have reviewed all of these TVs so far, and more reviews will come shortly.

Best 43-inch TV overall TCL 43S435

Earlier I mentioned that smart TV functionality is vital at this size, and Roku is the best platform for live TV streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and the rest. However, its picture quality isn’t as impressive as some of the other 43-inch TVs on this list. Because of the Roku smart features, it is the most popular 43-inch smart TV. Read our TCL 4-series Roku TV post to learn more.

Best 43-inch TV runner-up Vizio V435-J

With Vizio’s latest 2021 version of the V-series, the company has provided a new voice remote, an additional not found on the TCL 4-Series. The picture settings can also be adjusted somewhat more than they are with TCL, too.

Best 43-inch TV with Alexa Toshiba 43C350

Toshiba’s Fire TV set-top box is a direct competitor to TCL’s Roku box as it features Amazon’s Fire TV system inside. While we generally prefer Roku’s menu and search over Fire TV’s, this Panasonic LED TV has one cool extra that TCL doesn’t: remote control. The remote control has a built-in Alexa that can be accessed by speaking. There aren’t many consumers complaining about the image quality as Vizio or TCL, but at this price, you shouldn’t expect it to be phenomenal. Here is a review of the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV Edition C350 series (2021).

Best step-up 43-inch TV Samsung QN43Q60A

While the Samsung Q60A TV is more expensive than any other model here, it is also better in just about every aspect. With its slimmer, sleeker design and more features including a solar-powered remote control, the TV is also slightly better looking. QLED technology made the Q60A’s display brighter and more colorful than the TCL 4-Series and Vizio V-Series, and it offered HDR inputs as well. In terms of value, the other sets on this list are better, but if you prefer something nicer in this size, the Samsung Q60A is a great option. Check out our review of the Samsung Q60A series.

Other stuff to know about buying a 43-inch TV

It is anticipated that the TVs above, and many others, will go on sale in the coming months. It is likely that you will be able to achieve a better deal if you can wait. Rather than buying a new television if you dislike your TV’s smart TV system, you can get a media streamer instead. I like how easy they are to use and how inexpensive they are. Find out which media streamer is best. A soundbar or other speaker system would be a much better match for your new set, since most built-in speakers sound terrible. Around $100 is the starting price for good ones. Soundbars are available in a variety of prices.