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2021’s Top iPhone Projectors

The best iPhone projector is one that combines the best features and considerations for a great price. We spent hours researching the leading features and things you should know before you buy an iPhone projector. Whenever you compare the different projectors available to you, we recommend that you only consider those that are capable of seamless iPhone connectivity, whether that means a direct connection or wireless connectivity. Ensure that you also consider options with enough brightness and resolution for your own o also consider options with enough brightness and resolution for your own personal needs; An optimal resolution and brightness range for 480p displays is 300-500 lumens. Last but not least, look for user-friendly controls that will allow you to operate the projector with one hand or finger. After analyzing tons of customer reviews for a wide range of Mini projectors, we’ve finally decided the Qkk Mini is the best iPhone projector. We will cover this topic and more in our upcoming reviews to bring you even more information about today’s best projectors.

#1 Qkk Mini iPhone Projector

You can project movies and photos directly from your iPhone using the Qkk mini projector. QKK mini projector can be carried anywhere you go. Taking nine by nine by four and three quarters inches, it is at the large end of the size spectrum. However, it is still small enough that you can easily carry it around. A tripod also allows you to setup your projector virtually anywhere. As well as being durable, the QKK is also designed to be high-quality. You can expect the lamp to last up to 55,000 hours, depending on how you use it. In a projector this size, the 480p resolution, 2,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and high brightness provide really good image quality. The thing that really shines (literally) in this light is its astounding 5,500 lumens of light, and its penchant for long hours of use. Qkk is therefore a superb choice for a well-lit room as well as a dark one. The projector also has accurate color reproduction, allowing you to enjoy every show or movie to its fullest. The only thing you need to connect your iPhone is a lightning to HDMI cable, and everything else is seamless. Additionally, the QKK’s SD card slot and VGA port can be used in conjunction with other multimedia devices. Compare this to the best short-throw projectors that offer a variety of features and functions.

#2 TopVision Mini iPhone Projector

With the TopVision Mini iPhone projector, iPhone connectivity is now simpler and more flexible. Unlike many other projectors that need some sort of adapter to connect to your phone, the TopVision requires only the lightning charging cable that came with your iPhone. In addition to Amazon Fire TV sticks and Google Chromecasts, you can also use the HDMI input to connect DVD or Blu-ray media players. In addition to SD card slots, the TopVision has two USB slots for greater flexibility. Its image quality is excellent, with a 480p resolution to match, as well as a dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000:1, higher than many other iPhone projections. Even the LEDs are bright enough to shine at 2,200 lumens. All of these image quality features together provide you with a bright, colorful display that’s ideal for watching movies with friends or by yourself. It has an adjustable focus button and a dial to adjust the keystone correction. The result will be a accurate drawing without requiring a lot of work. A 1000,000:1 contrast ratio makes bright screens appears clear and dark screens seem detailed. This is our recommendation for the best 4k projector.

#3 GooDee YG200 iPhone Projector

YG200 is a great budget projector for iPhone that provides bright, high-quality images without at all requiring your wallet to break the bank. The tradeoffs here are few and far between to offer more bang for your buck. Display sizes up to 60 inches are supported by the YG200, which has a 480p resolution. You won’t find it as big as other projectors, but it should be enough for most people. Also, the projector provides a bright enough image to operate effectively in dark rooms or environments with low ambient light levels. Even though this projector has a 480p resolution, you will be able to watch sources with 1080p. In terms of build quality, the GooDee really stands out. Because of its compact size, it is easier to carry around in a bag or pocket. The YG200 features large, easy-to-touch buttons and a lever for adjusting focus as well as easy adjustment capabilities. It comes with a decent speaker that’s adequate for personal use, but if you want something louder, you can connect external speakers via the GooDee’s audio output port. Furthermore, we were impressed with the projector’s innovative cooling system, which keeps it from overheating without producing excessive fan noise, while gamer will appreciate the 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that provides a more differentiated image on dark and light backgrounds.

#4 Elephas W13 iPhone Projector

Creating large displays with the Elephas W13 is the easiest way to watch group-watching events from your smartphone. 200 inches on a screen, this versatile mini projector is an incredible investment. It also comes with a tripod so that you can set it up almost anywhere. In certain cases, your projector may need to be powered by an extension cord if you’re outdoors or in a room with a lot of people. The Elephas can wirelessly connect to your iPhone through a Wi-Fi connection, significantly increasing its versatility. With the W13 WiFi projector, you can enjoy high picture quality even on large displays. iPhone projector has 480p resolution, which is about middle of the road, but it features a 3,500:1 contrast ratio with 24-bit true-color support that puts it above the rest. This combination of features creates a highly detailed and immersive image on the Elephas. With this option, you will receive built-in speakers that, while stable and of good quality, do not have a very high volume level. The best viewing experience is achieved by using external speakers when watching with a multitude of people. It’s one of the best projectors in the market right now if you’d like an immersive audio experience of any kind.

#5 Crosstour P770 iPhone Projector

In terms of adjustability and getting your viewing experience tailored exactly to your needs, the Crosstour P770 is the most versatile. The mini iPhone projector features three main physical adjustments that many other options lack: e projector features the three main physical adjustment settings that many other options exclude: The vertical tilt can be corrected along with focus, keystone, and alignment issues. In this setting, you can set the Crosstour to offset positions if you do not have as much space at your disposal. You can also adjust both image and sound settings from the interior menus of the projector in addition to these options. With all of these adjustment options, the Crosstour’s already excellent screen quality is further enhanced. The 480p resolution of this TV, combined with its 3,500 lumens brightness rating, allow you to watch any film or TV show without sacrificing picture quality. iPhone users can connect their iPhones directly to the P770 via either a Wi-Fi connection or a USB cable. In addition, you’ll get HDMI, VGA, SD card, and AV ports, so you’re still able to do anything you want. With 30,000 hours of lamp life and built-in speakers, the Crosstour also comes with a USB port from which you can connect a flash drive. Although it’s quiet when used in the brightest setting, it can get noisy after extended periods of use, so keep that in mind if you plan to watch a lot of movie. In addition, we recommend the 10 individual elements of the best outdoor projector capable of increasing color, brightness, and sharpness for outdoor viewing.

#6 Aaxa P300 iPhone Projector

With a quality build and design, the Aaxa P300 pico projector is a choice for high quality iPhone projectors. You feel at ease holding the Aaxa device in your hand, and you can rely on it as you carry it around. One might be concerned about durability with this little projector, but there will be no issue there. It fits in two hands. Despite its small size, the video projector is strong and it comes with a tripod, so you can use it with added stability. We found the only quality concern with this option to be the shorter bulb life, which is rated at 20,000 hours, but actually option was the lower bulb life, which is rated at 20,000 hours, but in reality, ends up being much less on brighter settings. In spite of the P300’s ultra-compact size, its picture quality is not compromised in any way. An image viewed from corner to corner using this projector can cover a surface area of 120 inches at full HD, 1080p resolution. This mini-portable projector’s display stands out due to its dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and DLP technology. As well as the built-in battery, the Aaxa boasts a rechargeable battery that offers up to 60 minutes of use at highest brightness. If you want continuous power for the projector, you can hook it up to a portable power bank or directly to the wall for continuous power. The best business projectors are models that offer a long-lasting performance you can count on in any business scenario. If you’re buying one for your office, make sure it offers a long-lasting performance that will meet your needs.

#7 Artlii Pico iPhone Projector

As an ultra-compact and extremely durable iPhone case, the Artlii Pico idea can be taken on the go or used in the great outdoors. ABS is the material used in making the projectors, and they’re tough enough to manage moderate external impacts that may occur when dropped or bumped. As long as you keep it dry, it makes for a wonderful item to use on camping trips. It is not weatherproof or waterproof, but you can use it while it is still wet. There is no risk of the buttons and dials during transportation since they are low profile enough to prevent them from coming unattached. The Artlii was great for videos but its picture quality wasn’t very good. Of course, it will never be as bright as a full HD monitor, and it didn’t come with a HDMI port. Even with its small size, the screen produces a very good picture. It only offers 240p resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio, but the light output is still quite high, at 600 lumens. it will only work in a dark room, this lamp’s brightness allows for accurate colors in that environment. Artlii’s pico projector is extremely quiet and its fan won’t get too loud during the movie, so you don’t have to worry about that. With all these features, it is an excellent pick for on-the-go use in the personal sphere. Compared to an alternative portable projection device, this is the best mini projector on the market.

#8 Meer Pico iPhone Projector

It can be used as a very portable and very compact projector, which makes it the perfect choice for people who prefer to work on their own. Yet it makes better than that, because it is a wonderful Christmas gift for children. The exterior casing is strong enough to protect the phone from drops and bumps. A remarkably user-friendly interface is also offered by the Meer, complete with clear and easy-to-press buttons. This pico projector is therefore very easy to use even by young children. In addition to that, it is one of the best iPhone ceiling projectors you can buy due to its ability to project the display easily. Meer made some compromises in terms of picture quality and brightness in order to attain its micro size. It’s fortunate, though, that any of these tradeoffs don’t make the projector inaccessible. If you want the best results, you should only use it in a dark room. The lamp is bright enough to glow for 400 lumens at 240p resolution. Despite its poor quality, children won’t notice, and the vivid and rich colors will keep them captivated. If you have a lightning to HDMI adapter cable, then you can connect to your iPhone, but it works smoothly once you get up and running. Because the integrated speakers aren’t very good, it is recommended to use headphones or external speakers with the projector. The attachment ports included on this model allow you to connect to other devices such as a Micro SD card slot, HDMI port, and USB port. Additionally, this model will work flawlessly with the best projector screen, which utilizes the vinyl screen material to give your colors an extra level of shine.

#9 Anker Nebula Capsule iPhone Projector

With the Anker Nebula Capsule projector, you can project movies from your iPhone in a way that’s simple and interesting. There is almost no difference in appearance or size between this and a soda can, making it very portable. With this projector, you can connect your iPhone or other external device and also download apps directly onto the projector. For those of you who stream a lot, this device is the best. It has tons of other connectivity options as well, including Bluetooth, making it the best projector for iPhone that supports Bluetooth. The Capsule, just as other small projectors, sacrifices a bit of image quality and brightness to be portable. With what workarounds the Capsule has to offer, it compensates for these tradeoffs with some software enhancements. To begin with, it is fitted with proprietary IntelliBright algorithms, which produce brighter and more colorful images than can be produced by a 100-lumen lamp on its own. This small projector has a good 480p resolution, however there are some minor color saturation issues. Despite its size, however, the Nebula’s main feature is its 360 degrees speakers. With high-quality sound, they don’t require external speakers, though you can connect those if you prefer. And if you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, there are several good cheap projector options available.

#10 Kodak Pocket iPhone Projector

With the Kodak Pocket Projector, you get a powerful technology in a compact package. Despite its small size, the Kodak mini projector comes in at just 3 x 3 x 0.8 inches and offers only 25 lumens of brightness and 360-degree resolution. In contrast, Kodak’s Advanced DLP Optical Engine aids in enhancing the overall image quality and brightness. This tool creates colorful images that are very accurate. Although Kodak Pocket photos will always look their best in dark or low-light scenarios, we still recommend that you do so. As well as Kodak’s design, it deserves praise. Although its size is a benefit, the control system also boasts sleek button layouts that make it easy to use. Touch controls will be found on top of the projector to control the playback of standard video files. Besides the manual focus dial, you’ll get a physical button that can be used to turn the device on and off. The menus will also be simple, so you won’t have to deal with any kind of complexity. Your iPhone can be connected in just a few seconds. The best 3D projectors that come with both Sports and Game modes are geared toward gamers who love to watch their movies and games simultaneously.

How We Decided

Our research into each iPhone projector that is available today focused primarily on portability and connectivity. The projector you use with your iPhone will need to fit wherever you go, so you should buy something you can bring with you and take anywhere. Because of this, we gave higher marks for projectors that can easily fit in a bag or backpack and awarded points for projectors that can be placed in your pocket. gave higher ratings to options with a simple link between the projector and an iPhone. Wireless options tend to score higher even though they are rare. Connecting an iPhone projector, on the other hand, typically requires a physical cable. As well as not requiring adapters, we liked the alternatives. Our ranking was influenced by how well they supported other devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray media players, and gaming computers. In addition to comparing image quality, we also considered other factors, such as brightness, resolution, and adjustability, when ranking the best iPhone projectors. It’s important to keep in mind that these small projectors are generally designed with trade-offs in order to achieve their compact size. The resolution rating of a lamp will be 480p, and the brightness rating will be 500 lumens or less. The majority of portable projectors are incredibly adjustable; however, if they had additional adjustability features, such as keystone correction and manual focus, we scored them higher.

iPhone Projector Buying Guide

Factors Consider


Apple iPhone projectors are especially popular because of their portability, which is up there with that of your smartphone. So, we recommend looking for something that you can grasp and control, but there are many options small enough to fit in your pocket as well. The smaller the projector size, the more you have to sacrifice, if not only in brightness, but almost always in other areas.


Your projector should be connected to your iPhone in a sensible way. By far, the most popular method is to connect directly over a cable. If you need to buy a cable for a specific projector, then you will need to read its description carefully before buying it so you will be sure you get it. Also, some projectors allow mobile devices to connect via Apple AirPlay, which can be much more convenient and seamless than using a cable to connect.


ANSI lumens are used to measure the brightness of iPhone projectors. Projectors with a high number are brighter. As is often the case with iPhone projectors, you will not need an exceptionally high brightness level, since they are designed to be used in smaller areas. It’s best to choose a portable projector with at least 1,000 lumens if you’re planning to use it in a room with higher levels of lighting.


High resolution is not a hallmark of iPhone projectors. Although, you still need to pay attention to the resolution, as it has a direct impact on how good the picture will look. The minimum native resolution you should get is 480p, but premium options come in 720p and higher. The reason 4K iPhone projectors are nearly impossible to find is that they take up more space and cost more than portable projectors typically do.

iPhone Projector FAQs


Is there a projector that works with the iPhone?

The iPhone is capable of connecting to tons of projectors. In this buyer’s guide, we researched and ranked those options researching and ranking those options in this buyer’s guide

Which portable projector is best?

One of the best portable projectors offers a small size, image resolution, and lamp brightness, making it a flawless entertainment package in one. If you want to watch clearly, look for a small, portable screen that easily fits into your pocket or bag and that has a decent level of native resolution. want to look into finding a case for your iPhone projector so that it is even more mobile.

Which is the best projector for home use?

Your personal needs and preferences will determine which projector is best for you to watch movies or use at home. You’ll also benefit from high-resolution options and plenty of ports that will let you plug in your Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. As a contrast, if you’re searching for a projector for your bedroom or dorm room, then you’d do well to opt for a smaller, more portable model.

Is it better to get a projector or TV?

The pros and cons of both projectors and televisions are different. It is much easier to transport the projector than television thanks to the larger screen size. Compared to TVs, they are often more affordable and come with a lot more functionality. When they want to use their iPhones as portable devices, they should opt for a projector.