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2021’s Top Rabbit Ear Antennas

There are many factors to consider when choosing rabbit ear antennas, so here is a list of what really matters. In urban areas, the rabbit ear antenna should have a range of 25 miles, and in rural areas, it should have a range of 35 miles. The dipoles should also be adjustable and extendable by at least 12 inches for better reception of the signal. An integrated 4G LTE filter prevents the interference caused by cellular networks. After studying hundreds of customer reviews, we have concluded that the Fosmon HDTV Rabbit Ear Antenna is the best rabbit ear antenna on the market right now. For more information about the best TV antennas, read about these and our other top picks.

#1 Fosmon HDTV Rabbit Ear Antenna

The rabbit ear HDTV antenna features retractable and adjustable dipoles to allow for optimal placement and positioning. In addition to receiving broadcast and over-the-air channels on both UHF and VHF frequencies (470-862MHz), it can also receive broadcast and over-the-air channels in the neighboring area. Our favorite feature of this rabbit ear antenna is its versatility of mounting, as it can be mounted on a wall or tabletop and has an extra-long cable. This rabbit ear antenna is probably most famous for its ability to receive 4K OTA broadcasts, which are significantly higher quality in audio and video than standard broadcast. It runs on neither batteries nor AC power so most people won’t have access to it. If you want one of the best RV antennas that is portable, this is a good choice.

#2 Philips SDV8201B Rabbit Ear Antenna

A rabbit ear indoor antenna with an impressive list of capabilities, featuring a 30-mile range and VHF, UHF, and popular local channels, like Fox, PNS, CBC, and NBC, means you can get your news fix wherever you are in the world. The table stays firmly in place even when it is being raised or lowered repeatedly thanks to its weighted base and rubber feet. Its effectiveness may vary depending on a variety of factors, including its location and positioning. Its dipoles extend up to 15 inches, one of the best heights for receiving signals. The rabbit ear antenna has an attractive and slim profile that we like; this is our top pick for an indoor TV antenna if you prefer that design.

#3 Philips SDV7114A Rabbit Ear Antenna

There are quite a few different uses for this rabbit ear antenna. The device has good coverage for 30 miles, which is aided by 15-inch-high dipoles that provide optimum signal reception and full HDTV optimization. There was access to CBS, NBC, Univision, and PBS, as well as all other popular broadcast channels. Additionally, this rabbit ear antenna can be mounted on a table to maximize signal strength. With its heavy base and rubber feet, this table is stable on any flat surface and will not move even with repeated knocks. Also included is a 4-foot cable so you can use it easily. A good outdoor TV antenna is also one of the best options.

#4 Antop Indoor Rabbit Ear Antenna

Rabbit ear antennas consist of curved angled panels, glossy black signal amplifiers, providing 50 mile range and delivering high definition channels such as 1070P HD and 4K with minimal lag times. A wide range of UHF and VHF content can be pulled from the unit simultaneously. We appreciate this rabbit ear directional antenna for its solid coaxial cable construction, which is covered by a thin PVC jacket and a braided shield to safeguard the cable from damage. As a whole, this rabbit ear antenna does a great job on design, range, and blocking 4G LTE cells for improved signal quality.

#5 GE Traditional Rabbit Ear Antenna

Compared to other rabbit ear antennas, this one has an excellent reception. In addition to streaming full HD channels, dozens of popular broadcast networks, such as PBS, CBS, and ABC, are available within 30 miles of the receiver. All HDTV types are supported by this antenna, and it is not specific to any brand. We liked its solid construction, with three circular loop-shaped bases and two extendable dipoles that can be easily positioned for optimal 1080p reception. Additional support is provided by the weighted base and rubber feet. If you want a better range, you can also check out the best omnidirectional TV antenna.

#6 RCA ANT121Z Rabbit Ear Antenna

It is an antenna of excellent quality that has an excellent performance. UHF and VHF channels are supported, as well as 4K HDTV. A dipole control allows for toggling between channels 2 through 13 and a separate tilt and rotation feature allows for 14 through 69 to be displayed. Getting the best signal is possible with the switch’s 12 positions. It is an extremely durable antenna, both in terms of the construction and the design. Its built-in cable makes connecting quicker and easier, and the scuff pads shield your tabletop from scratches. It does a fantastic job as a practical all-around antenna.

#7 Audiovox RCA ANT111E Rabbit Ear Antenna

There are a number of impressive specifications offered by this indoor digital TV antenna. There is one integrated loop for digital and analog of channel 14 through 69, and two extendable dipoles for channels 2-13. The small device has a range of up to 40 miles, though it’s usually closer to that number depending on obstructions, distance from broadcast towers, and the density of cities near it. In addition to having a wide base and compact design, this rabbit antenna is also sticky enough to stick to pretty much any flat surface. If you’re looking for a little price and a lot of range, these rabbit ear antennas are a good choice. You may want to check out our buying guide for the best TV antenna amplifier if you are looking to increase signal strength.

#8 Wideskall Rabbit Ear Antenna

I’m very pleased with the construction of this rabbit ear antenna. The antenna is mounted on a small hockey-shaped base along with two dipoles that can be extended and adjusted to find the best possible signal. The ultra-slim profile (9.43 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches) is also a plus. Hence, it is great for spaces like dorm rooms or kitchens that have a tight ceiling. This rabbit ear antenna is a quality performer, with a signal range of 20 miles, well within average limits. Consequently, it is better suited to urban areas where broadcast towers are easier to reach. If you rarely watch TV and do not mind having fewer than 20 channels, this rabbit ear antenna might be right for you. Nevertheless, you’ll need a long range TV antenna for more channels.

#9 ViewTV AR-468AW Rabbit Ear Antenna

Keeping all resolutions in mind, it works well with all resolutions including 720p, 720i, and 1080i. With a built-in high gain and low noise amplifier, you will be able to achieve the best sound quality. We like the versatile knob that adjusts the gain of this rabbit ear antenna. who frequently move between different locations closer to and further from broadcast towers can adjust the gain accordingly, toggling just enough to minimize distortion, depending on where they are within the range of a tower.

#10 GE Indoor Rabbit Ear Antenna

Multidirectional rabbit ear antenna’s biggest strength is that it includes support for NextGenTV (ATSC 3.0) tv signals which provides 4K HD video and audio with one of the latest over-the-air standards for digital television. NBC, ABC, and FOX can all be picked up (assuming a broadcast tower is nearby). We have researched numerous rabbit ear antennas, but this model is one of the better ones in terms of aesthetics and contraction. This antenna is mounted on a circular base, with an adjustable stand and a dipole that extends upwards of 15 inches for optimal pickup.

How We Decided

Performance, ease of installation, and durability were taken into consideration while choosing a rabbit ear antenna. Invest in rabbit ear antennas with a strong reception, minimum 25-mile range in urban areas and 35-mile range in rural areas for best performance. Broadcast and digital content, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS, should be made available to them in 4K, 1080p, VHF, and UHF. Easy installation and ergonomics are also important to us. It should be possible to install within less than two minutes using preassembled components that are attached to one another via snap-on mechanisms. Sturdy rubber feet and weighted bases are useful for providing stability and preventing scratching on flat surfaces. Don’t forget to install adjustable and extendable dipoles so that your signal can be better received. Last but not least, make sure your antennas are durable. Dipoles made of hard plastic are preferred over those made of soft plastic or aluminum. It is recommended that the coaxial cable ends be copper-ended as well to provide ds should also be copper ended to assist with surge protection

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Rabbit Ear Antennas FAQs

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What TV antenna gets the most channels?

In order to determine which is the best indoor or outdoor TV antenna for channel reception, a lot of factors must be taken into account. depends on the nearby surroundings, such as how close you are to the nearest broadcast tower, and whether you capture VHF or UHF signals. You’re likely to encounter issues like obstructions such as trees and high-rise buildings when trying to receive local channels on UHF. In addition, splitters can act as a barrier to reception, as can the lack of 4G LTE filters. Due to the large number of variables involved, it is hard to determine, as it varies between antennas.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

Al foil has increased conductivity and surface area thus improving the antenna signal.

Do antenna amplifiers really work?

A high-performance antenna amplifier is certainly one of our favorites. Antennas of any type are excellent in preventing signal deterioration by reversing the effects of cable attenuation or signal loss that can be caused by connecting two or more televisions through a splitter. A standard antenna amplifier has the same effectiveness on rabbit ears and flat antennas.

How high should I put my TV antenna?

We recommend that you place your top-rated rabbit ears antenna 30 feet above ground so that you get the most out of your smart TV installation. The rabbit ear antenna is the most common indoor antenna, so it should function perfectly well as an antenna affixed to a table nnas are mainly for indoor use and should work just as well perched from a tabletop or entertainment center. When experimenting closer to a window, it is vital to determine the best placement.