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A bookcase-equipped sunflower chair

A book lover’s dream, the Sunflower Chair is sure to appeal to book lovers. Nonetheless, we haven’t sat on it, so we may have a good sense of how uncomfortable it is. Buying a chair shouldn’t7 SNW be one of the mistakes you make. Is that really important when your books are situated at a mere arm’s at really matter seeing as you can store your books at just an arms reach away?

Nevertheless, it’s a fun desk chair. It’s not one of consumer reports’ desk chairs. Despite the picture’s loud and clear message, I have included an image of the seat surrounded by a circular shelves. This chair appears to have been tilted back at nearly 45 degrees, so you could take a comfortable seat and read a novella or periodical if desired. While the padded area looks nice, I’m worried that it’s a little small, so you’ll need an ottoman if you want to spread out or lift your legs. We are sorry to inform you that this chair is not available for purchase. Designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian from the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, it is part of a series of three. A recent Design for Sitting Gran Prix competition in Guangzhou, China, awarded it the Redtory Design Award.