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Nov 03, 2014

Restaurant Takeover: Intro Created With Damage

by Robert Sharp

Restaurant Takeover: Intro Created With Damage

Restaurant Takeover challenges two restaurant industry top guns to help rescue a failing restaurant. They've got 6 days to overhaul and re-launch a local eatery for review by the toughest critics.. their customers.

Don Porfirio is the designer and animator working for Gloss Creative that created their show open. DigiEffect's Damage is used throughout the project. Its a quick intro, but we'll shed some light on the tools used to create some of the effects.

In the beginning there is Skew used for the switching on of the restaurant seeking satellite computer system. Skew is perfect for this! The Warp effect in After Effects has an option for "Bulge" in the style of warp category. By adjusting the bend amount, you can give it the bend and look of an old glass TV screen. Keyframing the scale of the video so it sizes up to fill the screen will make it look like the system is firing up. Precomposing or nesting of a composition can allow you to effect the clip beyond the borders. If you precompose the video with bulge effect and apply DigiEffects Damage, you can make the skew and ghosting go beyond the edges of the frame as it scales up to fill the screen.

Another tool in Damage, Artifact, is used as a transition. Because Artifact can be such a subtle effect at times, you might be often to miss it. But it is an essential glitch for transitions between shots. Because you can control the artifact amount and freezing time, it gives you a good ramp in and out of hard cuts. Another example of Artifact is shown later in the intro. The Downgrader controls let you severely manipulate the pixelation of your footage, making it truly look like it is "loading" and severely compressed or low resolution due to low bandwidth.

As always, Interference is a go to when making something look digital. With these scan lines, you can take it a bit farther by adding grain and tinting on the individual even and odd channels.

Using the color picker in Skew lets you change the color of the footage. In this case, to match the color scheme and branding of the show, Porfirio uses red.

With the clever grouping of the effects from Damage, this quick little intro is able to zoom in from outer space, locate a restaurant that needs repair, lock in the target, and then jump right in front of the store to show someone turn the Open sign over. All in 5 seconds! Amazing. I hope you are inspired by Mr. Porfirio's work for Gloss Creative as much as I was. Download a free trial of Damage today.

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