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Nov 02, 2017

Toolfarm Tutorial Update Trapcode

by Steven Reeves

Toolfarm Tutorial Update Trapcode


Our friends over at Toolfarm are back with some awesome tutorials for Red Giant's Trapcode Suite. This update covers a couple of tutorials on Trapcode Particular, Mir, and Tao. Enjoy!

Trapcode Particular: Portal Effect

Daniel Hashimoto (also known as Action Movie Dad) shows you how to create the DOCTOR STRANGE portal effect with Trapcode Particular.
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Trapcode Particular: Space Scene

Learn how to make a cool nebula-esque space scene in After Effects using Trapcode Particular.
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Trapcode Mir: Liquid Water

VinhSon Nguyen from Creative Dojo always puts out great content and in this tutorial, he shows how to create liquid water (not that solid kind!) with Trapcode MIR in After Effects.
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Trapcode Tao: Flowing Ribbons

“New tutorial on creating seamlessly looping flowing ribbons with Trapcode Tao in Adobe After Effects.” - Peder Norrby
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