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Presets Designed by Angie Taylor, Trace Burroughs, and Steven Reeves | Stock Footage courtesy of Artbeats | Click For Free Downloads

Light Leak

Overexpose: Light Leak

Overexpose is applied and masked out so just the edges seem to flicker.

Channel Surfing

Skew: Channel Surfing

Using Skew, this preset is created by short intervals of the effect with different "Random Seed" and "Blend With Original" parameters. It provides short glitches, resembling the static in between old channel surfing.

Glitchy Tape

Skew: Glitchy Tape

Bar height and Roll Probability are changed to give it the rolling tracking look, while Random Seed is changed to keep it looking like a glitch.

Security Cam

Interference: Security Cam

This preset uses Interference to change the tint, and turn the decay up on video footage, resulting in a look seen in security camera footage. The even and odd horizontal line sizes were changed as well to give it a more unique look.

Dark Parallels

Skew: Dark Parallels

A stylish preset that accentuates the horizontals by adding bars, lines, noise and a tiny amount of distortion. The colors become highly contrasted and ages are slightly softened by the distorted ghosting that occurs.

Crazy Hazey

Skew: Crazy Hazey

A magical effect is created here by distorting the footage, glowing the highlights and blending this with the original footage. It’s like glow worms are crawling across the screen. A great preset to use on bright, saturated footage like neon signs, funfairs or cities at night.

Ghost Flash

Skew: Ghost Flash

Strong contrast, ghostly distortions and rolling bars make this spooky preset a real gem. Makes the footage look rich and saturated while still creating and disturbed effect to imply a ghost in the machine.

Ziggy Withit

Skew: Ziggy Withit

The distortion frequency is amped up here to create bizarre zig zag distortions of the footage. Noise, ghosting, flickering and feint bars are also included to make this preset perfect for creating the effect of severe static interference.


Skew: Vertigo

If you don’t like heights this preset can make you dizzy. A great preset for adding dream-like distortion to your footage. Ghostly overlays, fluid distortions and subtle glows are composited onto your footage to create this unsettling, yet hypnotic effect. 

Sultry City

Overexpose: Sultry City

Hot, dark, rich pixels are created with this preset which flickers across the footage. The effect flashes between under and over-exposure in a chaotic way and adds a broody warmth. Great for adding to horror movie shots or seedy, night-time bar scenes.

Poster Child

Overexpose: Poster Child

A beautifully pink, posterised look is achieved with this preset. The lightest areas are over-exposed and pushed towards pink. Any colour can be chosen to override the default pink in the Bloom Controls. Use the Pre Color Correct controls to increase the gamma in order to push more pixels towards pink.

Grey Area

Overexpose: Grey Area

An interesting effect is achieved here by flickering towards a negative saturation value. This has the effect of desaturating the footage, particularly the green and blue channels. the effect animates rapidly and chaotically between unaffected and desaturated bloom effect. Can be nice added to footage containing flash photography.

Flame Flicker

Overexpose: Flame Flicker

Specifically designed with footage of fire or explosions in mind, this preset will brighten up and saturate the oranges in the footage and will add a flickering intensity and bloom value to add an overall warm glow to the footage.

Bloomin Lovely

Overexpose: Bloomin Lovely

A highly saturated effect flickers and flashes across your footage. Great for adding to footage of live concerts or fireworks to add a bit of excitement and colour. Can also be used to add drama to footage of explosions or gunfire by brightening up flashes and adding extra luminance and saturation animation.

Warm Pinstripe

Interference: Warm Pinstripe

A pinstripe effect is created here by making the even fields about one third of the height of the odd fields. Modulation and a yellow tint are added to the odd fields to lighten, warm and accentuate them.

Orange Gingham

Interference: Orange Gingham

Modulation with negative values and tinted with complementary colours are used here to create a grid-like, stylised effect for your videos. The Blend with Original value can be reduced to make the effect more subtle.

Scanner Subtly

Interference: Scanner Subtly

A heavily stylised interference preset that creates a desaturated, cool look by compositing white, tined field lines on top of the footage. Noise and modulation effects are also included to break up the lines and add interest.


Interference: Honeycomb

Three-pixel-wide stripes are rendered over the footage here to mimic the effect of video fields. These fields are tinted a pale orange to warm up the effect and a slight amount of noise helps to make the video effect even more convincing.

Lilac Strip

Interference: Lilac Strip

An interference effect is concentrated into a distinctive lilac-colored strip. this can be used as a graphical treatment to highlight a section of the footage for titles or lower third graphics. A slight amount of noise is added to a feint video-fields effect to create a stylised video look.

In a Spin

Destabilize: In a Spin

The colour channels are separated in this preset and animated automatically to create a pulsating effect. A copy of the footage is rotated and comp sited heavily with the original footage creating an unsettling, psychedelic disturbance.

Heavy Breath

Destabilize: Heavy Breath

This preset creates a slow, lurching vertical move to a copy of the footage. This is composited with the original at 50%. This effect can be used in situations where you want to create the the point of view of a person who has been drugged or dazed.

Quake Shake

Destabilize: Quake Shake

This drastic and fast-moving effect automatically animates the zoom, rotation, horizontal and vertical position properties. This is combined with the original footage to create an unsettling effect. This preset is perfect for making it seem as though the camera is vibrating as it would be during an earthquake or explosion.


Destabilize: Rock-a-bye

A gentle rocking from side to side creates a calming yet quirky effect in this preset. A copy of the footage is composited by blending it 50% with the original footage. The composited footage is zoomed and rotated slowly as the footage progresses.

Erratic Elastic

Destabilize: Erratic Elastic

Looking to add a bit of bounce to your footage? The zoom value automatically animates here at regular intervals, creating the effect of bouncy elastic. The effect is blended 50% with the original footage and can be faded over time. Draw attention to elements by applying this effect and then animating it to reduce the Zoom factor and frequency over time.

Cool Glow

Channeloffset: Cool Glow

Scale, Position and Time values of the blue channel are offset here to create an ephemeral blue glow that echoes the footage. The channel has a strong gaussian blur applied to soften and abstract the image that is combined with the original footage.

Tartan Time

Channeloffset: Tartan Time

The red, green and blue channels are all offset in time here. Alternating directional blurs are then applied to the channels to create a criss-cross effect. When combined together the result is reminiscent of Scottish tartan or plaid.

Old Ghosts

Channeloffset: Old Ghosts

A subtle echo or motion blur effect is caused by offsetting all three color channels in time. The negative offset creates a ghost of the previous second making moving objects leave a ghostly trail behind them.

Pink Beam

Channeloffset: Pink Beam

Adds a mysterious and ghostly pink beam to the footage. Provides a warm rosy glow by offsetting the red channel in time which causes a spooky animated glow. The blue and green channel are offset positionally to create cooler edges.

Crosstown Traffic

Channeloffset: Crosstown Traffic

Scale and Time are offset slightly on each color channel to create a dream-like feeling of depth. The color channels are separated and blurred to soften the footage. Edges are mirrored to force focus back to the centre of the screen.


Blockade: Stutterville

This preset applies an extreme stutter to footage and also composites brightly coloured bars to mimic redraw issues.


Blockade: Glitchtastic

This preset applies bars of coloured glitchy pixels on your footage. The footage freezes regularly to mimic low bandwidth issues.

Broken Transmission

Blockade: Broken Transmission

Footage freezes very often and pixels break up to create the effect of broken transmission of a digital signal.

Redraw Issues

Blockade: Redraw Issues

Footage freezes, Stutters and hiccups it’s way through with the regular blocky redraw issues.

Low Bandwidth

Blockade: Low Bandwidth

Footage is delayed and hangs slightly to create that feeling we all experience when video is buffering. In this example the freeze happens often.

Pixel Shifter

Artifact: Pixel Shifter

A subtle pixellation effect - great for adding to background footage to provide texture and style. It’s also useful for obscuring the footage for placement of overlying graphics. Video is down samples, colors are reduced and random artefacts shift the pixels to create a smudged delay effect.

Toy Bricks

Artifact: Toy Bricks

Footage is darkened dramatically and artifacts are coloured brightly in this abstract style. The primary colors of the dancing blocks are reminiscent of the toy, plastic building bricks we used to play with in the 1970’s. A fun preset that shouldn’t be taken too seriously and can be animated to create an interesting custom transition.

Pixel Smudge

Artifact: Pixel Smudge

A stylish effect is created by adding blocky artifacts that smudge the underlying video. A great preset to add a sense of stylishness to technical footage. The horizontal blocks accentuate left to right movement and are great for partially obscuring the footage. Perfect for background footage and for news items.

Eighties Video Game

Artifact: Eighties Video Game

A low-fi look is created with this eighties-influenced preset. A limited color palette and high down-res factor create the effect of the blocky video seen in early computer games. Artifacts freeze, stutter and shift making the whole effect more frustrating - just the feeling people experienced when watching video on old technology.

Eastern Block

Artifact: Eastern Block

Heavy pixellation and blockiness is the name of the game with this stylized preset. Colours are pasteurised and resolution is lowered to create a highly abstract style that virtually obliterates the original footage and blackens out gas between colors.

Utter Chaos

Agedfilm: Utter Chaos

Crazy, flickering jumping frames and noisy, dirty artifacts make your footage appear disjointed and chaotic. A great preset to add tension, drama and a touch of dangerous style to any situation. 

Desert Storm

Agedfilm: Desert Storm

This is the perfect preset to use when you want to create tension and pace. Designed with conflict and war in mind, it adds drama and excitement. Golden, flickering flashes sprinkle over the footage bringing it to life. Scratches, flicker and a subtle amount of noise add a feeling of damage. 

Separation Anxiety

Agedfilm: Separation Anxiety

Make the viewer feel slightly anxious and on edge with this jumpy preset. The footage jumps and flickers to create an unsettling effect. Conor is desaturated, darkened and stained with a yellowy-green to add to the uneasiness.

Nicotine Stained

Agedfilm: Nicotine Stained

Adds a distinct, yellowy tinge to your footage as if it’s been sitting in an old saloon partaking in some passive smoking. A little flicker is also evident which adds a little quirkiness to the mix.

LowDown Dirty

Agedfilm: LowDown Dirty

Make your footage look as if it was filmed in smog-ridded Victorian London with this tea-staining preset. Modelled on old photographs from the Victorian era - added scratches and dust instantly evoke the feeling that the scene is taken from an old newsreel or silent movie.

Dirty Old Town

Agedfilm: Dirty Old Town

A great preset for horror, dark moods and mystery. This darkens your footage nicely, adding scratches, dust, stains, vignette and grimy noise to really add a sense of age, damage and creepiness.

Nearly Sepia

Agedfilm: Nearly Sepia

A sepia effect with a hint of color from the original thrown in for good measure. This applies a classy color treatment to your video making it refer to olden days but still maintain a sense of the present. A fairly frequent flicker adds to the feeling of age.

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