The challenges we faced in the health care facility in 2020 due to the pandemic situation has made an irrefutable point that we are in dire need of remodeling. Incorporation of more technology in every layer of the healthcare system to be able to reach out to individual health care needs in a vast population. In the coming decades, chronic diseases will rapidly increase. Visual Capitalist predicted that by 2030, more than 170 million Americans will suffer chronic health problems.

More people will require the assistance of a health expert for both diagnosis and treatment.  The amount of heath related data to be created during this time is incredible.  In such a scenario, the electronic medium will be necessary to store this enormous amount of health records of patients and other information. A lot is already on use. No healthcare system is complete without IT services. From Health apps, online portals to personalized medicines, everything requires the aid of Information technology. The focus now is not on immediate care of the patient but provides a long-lasting solution to the problem based on the medical history of the patient.

Below is the latest contribution of technology and how it is completely transforming the healthcare industry with new edge solutions.


Bioinformatics has made developing drugs and vaccines easy without requiring wet experiments and expensive lab facilities in the initial stage. To put it simply, if there’s a newly sequenced DNA discovered, one can match it for similarity with proteins structures contained in different organisms that are already stored in the database. This information is essential in studying the receptiveness of the species. The software built for this activity executes knowledge about both biology and computer science.

Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has instilled a new way of thinking amongst us. …