A book lover’s dream, the Sunflower Chair is sure to appeal to book lovers. Nonetheless, we haven’t sat on it, so we may have a good sense of how uncomfortable it is. Buying a chair shouldn’t7 SNW be one of the mistakes you make. Is that really important when your books are situated at a mere arm’s at really matter seeing as you can store your books at just an arms reach away?

Nevertheless, it’s a fun desk chair. It’s not one of consumer reports’ desk chairs. Despite the picture’s loud and clear message, I have included an image of the seat surrounded by a circular shelves. This chair appears to have been tilted back at nearly 45 degrees, so you could take a comfortable seat and read a novella or periodical if desired. While the padded area looks nice, I’m worried that it’s a little small, so you’ll need an ottoman if you want to spread out or lift your legs. We are sorry to inform you that this chair is not available for purchase. Designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian from the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, it is part of a series of three. A recent Design for Sitting Gran Prix competition in Guangzhou, China, awarded it the Redtory Design Award.


If you’re living in Canada, CA or CO, you might have noticed the sharply increased footfall in gardening supply stores and neighbors suddenly becoming intense horticulturalists over the last few years. Sure, the craft is incredibly rewarding physically and mentally and you can literally reap great rewards, but you may have been asking yourself why this is happening. While the answer might be relatively simple, there are actually a lot of pieces that had to fall in to place to make it happen.

The greenest thumb out there

The legalization of recreational cannabis that has been pushed across the land over the last decade is definitely the first place to look. A love of weed is one thing almost all cultures across the planet can find in common with each other, even with the plant being demonized by American and world-wide governments over the last hundred years.

Now that the public perception of marijuana is starting to soften, as soon as a state legalizes the kush, the most popular local pass-time seems to suddenly become hanging out with friends while smoking a fat blunt. As we all know, the truth is that weed has always been popular all over the country, but now that people are allowed to admit it, old and new smokers are crawling out of the woodwork at speed.

From smoker to grower

While the majority of these people would be considered as perusers, buying their bud from dispensaries or dealers, a lot of people realised that weed got its name from how easy it actually is to grow the stuff. Sure, if you want the most potent dank leaf, it requires a bit more of a sophisticated setup to ensure the best results, especially in this great Colorado climate.

It is actually a very approachable and comfortable way to get your own supply of any strain you want for a tiny fraction of the price, as germinated seeds are cheap and very easy to get hold of. You can get cannabis seeds in Denver CO from farmerslabseeds and start up your own personal patch now!

Green all over my feed!

Meanwhile, over the same period of time, it has become very popular on social media to start filling the inside of your tiny New York apartment with as many house plants as possible. with some entire hipster subcultures springing out of this new fashion statement.

This can be as relaxing and rewarding as it is frustrating and expensive, giving the trend a hard cap on how many people are willing to join, even with the promise of brownie points in the form of likes and follows.

In Comes Covid

As usual with modern trends, the smoking gun that caused the explosion was the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic and its associated global lockdowns. With very little warning, life was paused for hundreds of millions of people across the globe, and people got very bored very quickly.

This led to people all over the globe taking up in-door and out-door gardening, with Instagrams all across the globe being flooded with rainforest plants, bonsais and all shapes and sizes of herb and vegetable. While all these plants are absolutely wonderful to look at (and eat), this wasn’t the full extent of how the internet would convince people to get their knees dirty.

Smoke lockdown away

A much less publicised result of the lockdowns is how difficult it suddenly became to get hold of any sort of drug – prescription drugs, schedule 1 drugs, and our favourite green demon. Those in cities in legal states were less effected by the shortage, but just as effected by the sudden price hikes.

Of course, no one was happy with having to bulk-buy before lockdowns started, and even less pleased by how hard it was to get more during lockdown. This is where home growers patted themselves on the back. As long as you retain a few cuttings from each crop, your first yield of marijuana can be the mother for endless cannabis over time.

Looks as good as it tastes

This is the sort of success that spreads around the internet like wildfire, and soon enough people all over the globe were purchasing seeds to grow their own plants indoors and outdoors.

Cannabis plants are very aesthetically pleasing, with some strains fitting in perfectly into any indie girl’s monkey leaf collection, meaning that even non-smokers started to get in on the trend, especially since they are even easier to care for if you don’t mind about the weed yield.

A green future?

As with seemingly everything in modern times, all the kids turning up with green fingers can be narrowed down to drugs and lockdown. But this is something to be celebrated, as the sharp increase in green plants contributes greatly to cleaner air for everyone involved and those around them, an absolute blessing in these greatly polluted times. Hopefully this will also lead to more world governments realising that the devil’s lettuce does a lot more good than harm.