Work from home culture will remain in the market for quite some time. Initially, when this task began, people went through a lot of problems. Some people had no clue about remote working, and some people had never worked in such conditions, so a lot of them lacked the resources to conduct the work from home activities. In addition to that, a lot of people were unaware of online meeting portals or communication portals. Several of the people needed advanced resources to conduct their activities. Organizations had to go through a lot of trouble to ensure that the task saw an end on time. Climbing this learning curve caused a lot of delay in the day to day activities of individuals, as well as the organizations. Now that we are past the initial scramble, we can focus on how to make this culture more friendly to the employees of the organization.

Organizations need time to reflect on methods and courses that they can apply to improve the efficiency of the employees and reduce unnecessary irritants and hindrances. As such, we have come forward with the top 8-technology tips to improve our work from home.

What are the top tips for the improvement of work from home?

Several companies have still not provided access to their employees to conduct a lot of activities. We know that a lot of organizations have several layers of encryption over the work that they do and the data they integrate. A lot of employees who work from home need access through the hardwired encryption so that they can work effortlessly. As such, organizations should provide application software to the employees.

  • Organization network access

we are all aware of a VPN or virtual private network. Initially, organizations used this method so that employees could access the necessary data. But if somehow your machine crashed or got powered-off, you cannot access unless the company allows you access through some other workstation that no one else was using. It was a very tedious and time-consuming activity. As such, a more capable and enterprise-graded solution would be to install an application that can launch in more than one system. An app that uses an independent system, such that you do not have to stay dependent on your workstation. You can use the app to connect to your vacant network in the office.

  • Access to organization application

if you have downloaded a suitable app, then you can easily access all the information from the server of your office. This way, you can access all the information that you might need to ensure that you do not have to work too hard to find the work you have been trying to accomplish. A lot of companies use the software as a service application; you can reach for the required information through it too.

  • Telephone

a lot of people prefer landline and mobile phones provided to them from the office, which is genuinely an exceptional choice, but if you have to communicate with people outside the country, then using a third-party application for video conferencing or communication would be better. It is because it is much cheaper and a better mode of communication. You do not have to waste too much of your time or money on communicating with someone overseas.

  • Video calling

we have seen a lot of trouble over video calling—network issues, family interruptions, issues over proper communication, etc. A lot of companies have been providing their employees with WIFI networks at home. This way, you get a decent network connection to conduct your activities and adequately participate in group meetings, as well. An organization should set an application that they need to use strictly for holding conferences and other gatherings.

  • Team collaboration

during the initial phase of the work from home culture, employees were taking individual decisions for the task handed to them. It caused a lot of confusion and chaos within the organization as several people are working on one single project at a time as a team. To cure this problem, an organization can use team collaboration software. Using this method, the team can manage all the tasks given to them carefully and smartly. They will not have to take individual decisions and can work together as one.

  • Document management

there will come a time when you will have to update or recreate a set of information or data inevitably. A lot of people think that they can use the cloud storage that they get on their phones or laptops, but that might not be the best idea. It is because these resources are public repository. It might be tempting to store your data on cloud storage because it is much effortless and useful. Still, you will never find time to reintegrate these data back to the company even though you may have every intention of doing so. You may be dealing with critical or confidential data, and storing such data on open repositories will not be a safe choice. It can also become difficult to share the data with your team members.

  • Adequate internet access and reasonable network

for an enterprise-grade solution, you will have to download several files; as such, you need a decent internet connection. You must go to an internet test. Your download speed should be higher than 100MBPS, and your upload speed can be 10% of your download speed. If you have more than one person in your house using the internet, then your download should be a minimum of 300MBPS.

  • Laptop and Printer

Your computer should exhibit all the latest features for work from home, such as up to date operating systems, antivirus, firewalls, Microsoft software, microphone, etc. While working from house, you might have to print some files now, and then, therefore, you must have access to the printer, and if you do not have one, then you can ask your organization to help you in the same.

So, these were some of the best 8-technology tips to improve work from home. Hope you will abide by these tips to have better results.

Computers have been around for more than forty years. Technology has skyrocketed and taken over every field, be it technical, medical, entertainment, or anything else. Technology has changed people’s life and function in their day to day lives. The technology and IT sector are one of the fastest and fast-growing industries in the world. The scope this industry offers is huge, and many people are opting to get into this field. The technological field promises a great career and a good source of revenue.

Tech pros are fully aware of the recent developments in modern-day technology and put them in their daily lives to make things simpler for them. Some various technical tricks and tips can make the work easy for the users of technology such as mobile phones, computer systems, and other such devices. Do you want to learn the tricks that will make your work simple and easy? Check out these 5 Tech Tricks The Pros Use All The Time And You Will Too-

Change the DNS and double the internet speed

You may feel frustrated when your internet connection is down and slow. This can also lead to various types of struggles, especially if you are working on an important project. The internet speed could be down due to connection errors or maybe because all the data is spent. You can get rid of this problem in a second by speeding up the Wi-Fi connection. This can be done by changing the domain name system or the DNS. The system helps in transforming the complicated IP address in a memorable website name. Some of the DNSs are effective more than the others.

The users can use Google’s open-source called “namebench” so that they can test if a specific DNS is working quite well or not. You can learn to use this by learning how to use namebench so that you can also double the internet speed.

Delete all the data from the printer

You might wonder how a printer and eliminating all the data from the printer can be a tech trick. The printer does not store a lot of data and does not have a lot of information, and most of it is removed as soon as the printer is switched off. However, many printers do preserve small amounts of data, and it could store tax forms or tour recent bank account details or banking documents. A hacker can easily hack all of it. This is why you should always try to be on the safe side. You can hard reset the settings. All the printers work differently, so I understand how to do it with yours.

Destroy the hard drive

When you are unloading your computer, you must always destroy the hard drive. Before the sale of the computer, you should delete every file from the computer or any device. You can dissect the computer hard drive and drill holes in it or use a hammer to smash it. This will destroy all the data from it and protect your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Old personal computer fast running

You can always turn to an old personal computer or laptop if you do not have enough resources. You will be able to save a lot of cash when you purchase an old computer. You can also work on an old computer and make it operate faster by doing a simple trick. You can have a word processor, a reliable and trustworthy browser, and a good-quality music library. However, you will notice that almost all computers and laptops can slow down over time. Most of the tech pros and technical experts use simple techniques for the windows based PCs. The first thing that should be done is deleting all the junk files and programs that are never used.

The accumulation of all the junk files can slow down the computer and affect the system’s performance greatly. One can also save their photographs, albums, and videos on the cloud service to eliminate the files from your system. The cloud services are handy and safe and can easily store all the photos and data. This will she lots of space on your computer and boost up the speed. These photographs and videos can be accessed on the cloud service anytime and can be restored in the future. This will also help remove all the defragment, malware software, and other malicious files that could be harmful to your system.


Hack the Wi-Fi passwords

The password that is set on the router as default can be very complicated and could contain a string of various letters and numbers. You would probably need a photographic memory to remember it. This can be incredibly difficult if the Wi-Fi is cut out. The best trick used by the tech experts and tech pros is to rest the router setting’s password.

This trick can help remove all the information from the router’s history, and you will be able to eliminate the password as well. This will work as a new router now, and you will be able to set up a new password. Anyone that is more familiar and has knowledge of coding can also consult the hard drive in case of the missing password.

This is an extremely straightforward process that doesn’t require a lot of hard work or technical skills. Still, tech pros use it all the time. There are many other computer and tech tricks that will make digital life a lot easy for users. Technology is changing with time, and tech pros keep coming up with new and latest tricks and techniques to make the functionality of the technical devices smoother. These tricks will make the process less complicated and complex. You can try out all the tech tricks used by the tech pros in your everyday activities. Keep up with the technological blogs and news to learn the trends and latest developments.

Technology is always evolving. It has changed the everyday lifestyle of the people living around the world. Technology can help people create and innovate new things and find cutting edge solutions. The IT sector is fast growing. There are tech trends that keep flooding in the market, and they create new opportunities to take tech enthusiasts. People involved in the field of technology and are the experts have amazing tips and techniques for the people who are new to all of this.

The leaders in the technology industry have many tech students who are newcomers in the field and teach them ways in how to use technology in a more simplified and better way. Many tips can be used by the newcomers and the Nonspecialists in the field of technology. The 16 Expert Tech Tips For Newcomers And Nonspecialists are mentioned below-

Focus on the result

One of the favorite tech tips and tricks of all the tech experts is that one must focus on the outcome. The technology professionals always work to focus on the result and not the journey or solution that is put into it. This will help all the people get all the best options from the technology providers. One can be in control of all the business results.

Think openly

One should always think openly when working with technology. This is because technology and the business world are continually evolving and growing. They keep changing all the time. One should have an open mind and not just stick to one technological trend.

Video technology trends

In today’s digital and technological world, video plays a very significant role. Video streaming and video calls have become an extremely important medium of communication. The people who use technology must understand and learn the many benefits of videos and video calls. This technology can be used to simplify things at personal and business levels. Video conferencing can be practiced, and video calls can be made to resolve the people’s communication challenges.

Learn from others

You can learn from what the other technology experts and pros are doing. Knowledge-based people who are already aware of all the new technological trends and how they are bringing in that change in their lives can also help people be a part of the tech community. You can take advantage of the smart work that the contributors have already performed and become active participants in the community. This will help you to get empowered and have the ability to find solutions and use them to their advantage.

Stay with the flow

If you want to have productivity and balance, you should keep up with the flow. People who cannot maintain a balance can often fall victim to distractions while completing the tasks. You should be able to create a balance and focus.

Plan for the future

The tech pros always suggest other newcomers that they should plan, and this policy will take them to better places. You must always think ahead and understand how you want the systems to work. When you define tour works, you can set better goals.

Learn the purpose of technology

It can be extremely important to put your focus on the purpose and goal of the technological process. This will help newcomers learn the uses of technology and how it can be most productive to them.


It would be best if you collaborated with the people who work with you as reallocating with smart people will help you do intelligent work and routine tasks more easily. They will help you with better training and keep you most productive.

Data security and privacy

When you use technology, you should always be concerned about data security and the privacy of your data. You should never use the products that compromise the privacy and security of the users as it can create a conflict with usability.

Make use of the smart calendars

Smart calendars can help you analyze the time and better and help you stay true to your schedule when it comes to technology. This will get things done quickly and efficiently. Most healthcare workers, teachers, and tech experts use the smart calendar to stay focused and work on time.

Use the virtual tools

Several virtual tools make your life easy; this can include instant messaging, video calling, internet news, and many other kinds of digital engagement platforms.

Take a break from technology

It would be best if you took the time to reflect on what is essential. Taking a break from technology like short walks, meditation can help you break free from the routine and stay fit. Keeping your body and mind healthy is also very important.

Take personal time

You may think that you have to be productive, but taking out time for yourself is also important. This can include switching off the notifications and enjoy doing what you love. Tech pros will always you healthy guidance when using technology and suggest not to overuse it or overwork yourself.

Visual analysis

In the field of technology, a lot of trends are visual and audio. It would be best to familiarize yourself with all the visual features to have successful technological and digital productivity. Proper and thorough visual analysis and use of visuals will help you create a story with greater impact.


In the business world, the use of a webcam is not only effective but also necessary. This helps in initiating human communication and start interactions between individuals. A webcam is a very easy-to-operate tool and could be extremely beneficial.

Plan long-term 

To have a competitive edge over other newcomers, you should plan long-term and plan. This could be related to all the thongs technology related. This will help you have quality-content. The experts’ tips will surely help the newcomers and the people who do not have any specialty in the technological field and help them go a long way. Try out these tips and see if it works for you.

In today’s era, everyone is using a smartphone. It does not matter which class an individual belongs to, but what matters is the fact that everyone is capable enough to purchase and keep a smartphone. These highly-technical mobile phones have a lot of features to offer, and it is because of this aspect that most of the people have highly-classified information or personal information stored in their phones. Is it safe to do so? Only if you apply the privacy settings, otherwise anyone can access your phone and steal your data and cause havoc in your world. But is it necessary to protect your smartphone? Why?

Why is it necessary to keep your phones protected?

Did you know that the number of cell phones in this world constitutes about 5-billion? And smartphones cover about 2.5-billion of that number. It means that half of the population that uses mobile devices is using smartphones. Not just that, people are now actively shifting to the use of the same. A smartphone has several applications, which include factors, such as people text, people use social media sites, send pictures, keep their contact information, keep valuable data, such as bank account numbers, pins, passwords, Etc. This kind of data can easily be accessed by anyone if you do not have smartly put protective barriers on your smartphone. It means that if someone gets hold of your smartphone, they can use the information to steal money, reach out to your social media sites, and disturb your everyday life. If you don’t put security in your smartphones, it can get accessed.


These are some of the reasons why it becomes essential to keep your smartphones protected. It is the reason why we have selected some of the most valuable tips using which you can keep your phone protected at all times.

What are some of the tips to protect your smartphone’s privacy?

Here are some tips you should follow to secure your phones:

  • Lock your devices

every smartphone in the world allows you to lock the device. They have different options, such as using a 4-digit or 6-digit pin, a pattern that you can easily remember, swipe-up or down lock system, fingerprint lock system, facial recognition, and some smartphones even have the voice recognition system. These are some of the different services that you can use so that no one can access your phone.

  • Suspicious link

often, we receive emails and messages that have links attached to them. You should not click on the links unless you know who the sender is and whether or not they have sent you the mail. Sometimes, hackers use disguising methods to access your smartphone data. This practice can be lethal, therefore avoid clicking on unknown links.

  • Software update

every mobile phone consists of software. These software need updates every few months. You must update the software as soon as your phone reminds you of the same. The reason behind this is the fact that otherwise, you will use outdated software, which is too weak to protect your phone from malicious activities.

  • Unique passwords 

if you own a smartphone, then naturally, you will have several social media accounts. All the social media accounts require passwords so that your account and data stays protected. You need to ensure that every account has a unique password. You cannot keep the same password for all the accounts because if an individual can access your phone records from one account, then it will become effortless for them to reach your other social media platforms. This way, even if in the worst-case scenario, you lose one account of yours, you have others to keep some data of yours protected.

  • Use VPN 

the virtual private network is a common technique that you can use to get rid of cybercriminals. No one can stop themselves from using an open WIFI network. So if somehow you find yourself sitting in a cafe with the free WIFI, you must use it through the virtual private network. It is because the VPN makes you anonymous, so if you end up making online purchases or banking transactions, then your information will remain confidential or hidden.

  • Do not download unknown applications

you must have received several notifications requesting you to download an application. These advertisements are full or flair to induce users, but you should never download an application from unknown sources. You must always use prominent app stores or play stores that have a reputation in the market to download your apps. This way, you will stay protected from external threats. In addition to that, you will find that smartphones usually do not permit downloading applications from external sources unless you manually make it happen. So, ensure that you always use reputed sources only.

  • Use backup

at times, it happens that viruses enter your devices and delete all the data from your phone. At times you are not able to detect it because they hide under undetectable names. It is the reason why you should have a cloud backup system in your devices. Just in case you lose all the data, you should be able to use the backup.

  • Enable remote wiping 

concerning the point mentioned above, in case you lose your phone or someone steals it, it is necessary to ensure that they do not access your data at all. The remote wiping option exists so that you can delete all the data from your phone from any corner of the world so that it remains safe and sound.

  • Use a security app 

almost all smartphones have security applications inbuilt in them. These applications check for viruses and any unknown activities that might cause harm to your data or your smartphone, but if your phone does not have one, then feel free to add a security application in your mobiles to increase protection.

Following that, these are some of the most common and painless methods of securing your phone. Ensure that you follow all these steps to keep your data secure.

The urbanization has completely changed the world. The era when there was no electricity, no advanced tools to make our lives easier was the most difficult part of the sustentation. When the evolution of technology started, it was seen that the development of the lifestyle also began. Thus, continuous change and advancement in technology are brought so that people’s living becomes easier and better. In the modern era, where science and technology are growing faster, many advanced and tech tools are coming up in the market that can be used to simplify daily work.

There are many gadgets available in the market and can be found online and offline, which have greatly changed people’s lives. These are defined as tech gadgets. With the name, we can easily identify that tech gadgets stand for the devices that are high technologized and can run with or without electricity. These skilled machines have replaced the human resources that required more time and energy. The cost of these devices is kept affordable so that more and more people can use them. In this article, we will look at some of the tech gadgets and useful tips that will help you purchase the gadgets wisely. Let us see more!

Why amazon for tech gadgets?

We all know that the e-commerce platform has allowed businesses to rise to a great extent. It has not only supported the small organizations but also helped large organizations to earn name and fame. Amazon is one of the biggest platforms that is used by millions as an e-commerce shopping store. A variety of products are available here, and each variety consists of different categories. A large number of sellers are indulged on the site selling their products. Since all the customers are available online and can give their review on anything, choosing a person purchasing a product becomes easier. The majority of the customers have trusted amazon when it comes to buying electronic gadgets.

9 useful tips for shopping tech gadgets on Amazon!

Since Amazon is one of the greatest e-commerce stores for buying almost all the products, people heavily believe it offers some of the best tech gadgets. While buying the tech gadgets, people require the reassurance that the product they are investing in the long last, as well as the price, is suitable, and they have several options to choose from. Amazon facilitates people to buy products from different stores offering the same or various products at distinct prices. Along with this comes the rating that is verified by the customers and is given by them based on the gadget’s performance, material, and working. All these factors make it easy for the customer to shop for a gadget in their budget and fits according to their needs.

Here are described some of the useful tips that will help you buy the tech gadgets online amazon wisely:

  • Amazon is a website that is full of deals, so you know the exact place to look for
  • Since varieties are available, so you know what price to buy what product
  • The fake reviews do not exist on amazon
  • You can make the most legitimate product reviews when on amazon
  • Amazon is very good at offering good discounts
  • The possibility of winning free stuff on amazon is what attracts the customers
  • The warranties are very truthful to the product
  • Always know about the specific product a retailer is selling

Different must-have gadgets that make life easier

Since we know with the help of technology, we have managed to make machines that can work on behalf of humans. Instead, it is said in the coming future the machines may replace the humans in work. In the last few years, we have come across many tech devices with Alexa guidance, robots, and self-assisting machines. Because of the existence of such devices, the lives of people have become more convenient. Hybrid watches and health bands are something more exciting to talk about. We can measure our health and then workout accordingly.

Apart from all this, technology has a great contribution to the department of computer science. The advanced keyboards and streamer webcams came out to be very useful to the customers. There are led bulbs that are switched on as soon as they sense movement and are turned off automatically as soon as a person leaves the room. All these inventions have turned out to save electricity to a great extent and marked a new era in technology. Following the tips above, you can shop fearlessly at amazon and buy the product that is safe for you and meets your expectations.

Gadgets are important

Last but not the least, we can say that tech gadgets are something that we require in our day-to-day lives, and without them, we cannot even imagine living. Indeed, these gadgets have made our lives easier. However, each gadget has its advantage as well as disadvantage. Relying on them completely is not very good as they run on electricity or battery, and only some are long-lasting. It is also advised to buy a gadget that is branded and has good reviews. Such a gadget has chances to run for a long time and proved to be a better option for the people who use or buy it.

There are distinct types of tech gadgets available in the market nowadays. The vivid ranges of tech gadgets have allowed people to live in the advanced world. Amazon is one of the leading websites where different gadgets can be found at an accurate cost. One advantage of shopping from this reputed e-commerce website is it becomes very easy to know what to buy and what to not because of reviews and ratings available to the customers. Thus, one could easily rely on this for shopping the best gadgets from any part of the counter. Do not forget to view the tips that will help you purchase the product on amazon, especially when it comes to gadgets.

For many, receiving blessings from heaven is working remotely. No workplace issues, working in your PJs, taking an evening break for a yoga class, or taking a shot at a trip to any event. Great, isn’t it? In all realities, the distant work is perfectly great, though it is not as easy as it is in some cases. Since you are not, as a rule, an observer is examining your shoulder for making sure you are working & the lines between office and home become unclear. There may be more testing to get the work done directly than a normal work area job.

Tips to make remote working easier

If you don’t want to face that much problem while working from home, you must know these 6 Quick Tech Tips To Make Remote Working Easier

  • Group meetings and organizing 

Grouping lots of appointments and meetings with long segments of the continuous-time outside of meetings as well as assembling you to carry out your work continuously separate from those meetings.

Consider if you take a break of 60 minutes between meetings, you generally do not have a strong hour to complete the work. You will need to sit down or fill the cup of coffee, take a fast toilet break, and later you have only 30 minutes left in that “60 minutes” before really long. Rather, by withdrawing the meetings to return in general, you can separate the work between them, leaving you through more continuous time at the time or before you have meetings.

  • Get a sense of the timetable that perfectly works. 

Perhaps the best thing about working remotely is that you do not need to regularly punch a period clock at a particular time each morning. Want to get up ahead of schedule and get a kick off your day at the time of your office? Put it all on the line! Or perhaps you are an evening person and complete most of your work after dinner. This is fine, as well! There are some remote works where you will have to set up even more calendars, and you probably have to do some meetings that are going to work for the whole group, yet in those duties outside, you can set the timetable that perfectly works for you and your maximum profitable opportunities.

  • Outlook similar to a tech support rep

At a time of frenzy when your PC freezes, your Internet disappears, or a much-used program quits working, it’s tempting to get a telephone & call somebody for help. And keeping in mind that you may want to employ a specialist down the line, there is no point in burning through your time & cash, which can be a simple fix.

Rather, when you experience a PC problem, take a full breath, and start following the same mindset as a technical support agent. Try these before calling for help-

  • Is everything properly connected and connected to a current source?
  • If everything is connected, then restart your PC or gadget by using a guide restart.
  • If you are trying connecting something using Bluetooth, then keep in mind that it is powered on your PC and other gadgets.
  • Is your PC / tablet / mobile pending any update? Once you update your device, then all problems will be solved.
  • If you are getting the wrong messages or any problem in receiving messages, do a fast internet search to find out what others recommend and write down the erroneous messages as if you need to call a professional, then these are the things that experts will ask.

You must use the procedure of eliminating the entirety of the regular objectives behind your concern before calling an expert for help.

  • Top working remote technical equipment

“Has my technology stacked up?” you also have a similar question? This is why you have to choose the best device or tool that can help you in getting the desired result without wasting your time. To check if you have the devices to make a profit, inventive and engaging when you are not under a uniform roof. At that point, you will see yourselves as a truly adaptable and future verification work environment.

The remote working is rapidly evolving, which has controlled the improvement of a large number of cloud-based tools to support remote teams. Whether you are looking for solid video calling, instant input on blog drafts, or a continuous code editorial manager, there is an application for that, and you can use all such app for making your work easier than before.

  • Exploit Cloud Solutions

The foundation of any powerful work-from-home innovation strategy is a cloud system mechanism that empowers quick and simple access to critical archives and data. This is an ideal opportunity to return to all the worries that you depend on, including HR, content administration, accounting, and so on. Even if you do not imagine returning to the workplace in the not so distant future, these steps provide extended adaptability and mechanization that can improve profitability. By moving to the cloud, you can get business-basic information reinforcements effectively available, whatever they may be.

For those who have never tried it, the adjustment to work from home can be questionable. With the right work-from-home innovation strategy, your business may effectively track progress and achieve some efficiency wins that will repay for a much longer time to come.

  • Right telecommunicating Tools that you may need

Since you are more than likely going to attend virtual meetings, you have to be sure that all right and appropriate things are available so that it becomes easy to communicate with other employees and bosses. You may need a webcam that is enabled, especially in the case when you are not using a PC where it can be synced by now. You would likewise need to agree on something with a decent ear or headphone, both to eliminate the normal call reverberation effect you are making for others in your home.

We all love cool tricks and shortcuts, but in many cases, you must have a nudge in the right direction to find them. No matter how long you have been using an application or program, there are some shortcuts and cool tricks that we have never learned before. The same is also applicable to hardware. You might have technologically advanced gadgets and devices that you use daily, but there are some helpful quirks and cool tricks that may not be aware of. So, use these below mentioned easy and cool tech tricks to get control over different browser tabs, add up numbers, seek out keywords, simplify the Smartphone, and use the USB connector correctly.

Get Your Equation Done by Google

When it comes to adding, dividing, or multiplying some numbers faster, we often rely on calculators and quickly dig into the desk drawer for a calculator or fish around for the calculator app on your desktop PC. What most people don’t know is that most of the equations and multiplications can be solved from Google’s search box. The search box doubles the process as easy and quick as a calculator. No matter how you phrase the equation in the search box, the results are the same.

Google opens up a full in-browser calculator helpfully apart from the common search results. So, users can keep calculating numbers and solving equations without digging into the PC’s calculator app. The built-in calculator by Google can easily handle some of the challenging equations. From square roots to string together a series of numbers, you can get answers promptly with the built-in calculator of Google.

Controlling the Tabs on Chrome

If you are windows users, you might be aware of the workings of the task manager. It is the program that displays all the programs and applications that are running on the PC. In the MAC PC, it is referred to as an activity monitor tab. Similarly, the Google Chrome browser has a built-in task manager that helps users manage and control everything on the browser.

If you keep the multiple tabs open on a single browser, it becomes challenging to remember what is where. So, gain access to the task manager from the settings or use shortcuts by pressing the “shift+ecs” key on the Windows machine. The task manager will display all the open tabs on the browser. Now you have to double click the tab’s description to open the tab for viewing in the browser. It also has an “end process” option through which you can close the tabs that are no longer needed or shut down the malfunctioning tab from the task manager.

Clinch your Smartphone Space Bar

Now you can easily maintain the flow of your typing speed on Smartphone by tapping the space bar twice to terminate a sentence. It will give you a period, and space and in the next letter, you will typically get the capitalized letter automatically. This cool trick would work for everything, from writing emails to text messaging and even other messages on both Android and iOS devices.

Finding Keywords on Long Pages

When you start reading a multi-page document or a website, you feel like it goes on forever. You might be searching for a keyword or key phrase in the document and don’t want to waste time scanning and scroll the page. So, give yourself a break and use shortcuts by clicking Control and F button on Windows and Command and F button on MAC PC. This shortcut would work both on Word and Chrome browser and gives you a handy search box in the upper right corner of the windows. You only need to type the word or the keywords you are searching for, and you will directly find the work within the page.

Plugging USB Cable Correctly

USB cables and ports are everywhere, and you may have a stash of them curled up in the pile of drawers. USB cables are used for computers and other gadgets. Most of us spent hours with the frustrating moments when trying to plug a USB cable with the wrong side up. To avoid such frustration, one can use the specialty reversible USB cables that are available today.

Most of the USB cables come with a sign that lets you know which of the cable need to face up and which side must face down for correct plug-in. You need to look for the small trident like a symbol of the cable head. If the cable head is missing the symbol, look for the small seam that runs down the outside metal part of the cable connector. It only takes a glance, and you can end up connecting the cable correctly without the frustrating moments. The USB frustrations are eliminated with the launch of Type-C USB cables, where you don’t have to look for the right direction as you can plug-in the connected in any direction. It works in both directions.

Cloud Storage

Many businesses and companies are now using cloud storage for storing documents and files. Cloud Storage is considered the best option for secure and protected storage of the files, and it ensures easy access to the files whenever required and from any device and location. Cloud Storage is a handy and comfortable option to backup your files and documents securely. Several cloud programs offer you with some amount of free spaces for storage of data and files. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and more are some of the popular cloud storage choices, and you can also try Dropbox or Sync for the unaffiliated free cloud storage option.

These are some of the cool tech tricks that can improvise our lives and keep us secured and make life easier than ever before. There are many innovative ideas and tricks are surfacing that act as the crucial game-changer in the tech field. Technology is created for almost any situation that you can imagine. But, every technology comes with some cool tricks and shortcuts worth learning to make your life easier and faster.

Efficiency and productivity are things that we all tend to achieve not only on the professional ground but also on personal life. With the ever-changing technologies and consistent development of innovations, it won’t be exaggerated to state that technology has been creating a greater impact on both the sides of coins of your lifestyle. For some, Smartphone is the efficient method to reach the eventual goals, while some consider it as equipment of distraction while working. But, the reality is that with proper efforts and discipline, one can work efficiently and productivity using these technologies. Whether it is college, school, office or home office, if you follow the right tech tips and use it in the right way, you can streamline your everyday processes and increase efficiency with technology.

Switching to Automation Tools

The most effective way to use technology to work efficiently and productively is switch to the automation tools. These tools are designed to automate everything, from paying bills to scheduling appointments to updating the contact list. You must have one such automated tools that can automatically do all the tasks and efficiency.

These automation tools can reduce all the efforts to half and offer you an efficient way to streamline and digitize the processes that you would do manually. It will make every process effortless for you and ensure to enhance the overall efficiency at work with higher productivity.

Split Screen Launcher

In many instances, when you are streaming your favourite series online on your Smartphone, you suddenly remember to text an important message to someone and in such a situation what you would do? You would probably stop the video and continue with sending text messages.

You are no longer required to pausing your video as you can install Split Screen Launcher application on your Smartphone. The application allows you to split your screen into two. You can easily continue streaming the video on your gadget on one screen and send text messages or do other jobs on the second screen simultaneously.


Logify is the application for all working professionals who are presently working from their house due to pandemic conditions. So, if you are also working from home during this period, you would surely need a video conferencing application, outlook mail, Gmail, company website and more. You need to login to each account individually to stay connected with your office.

If you miss login to any of the application, your work may get hampered. So, simply login to Logify website on your browser and click the homepage button. It lets you log in to all necessary applications with just one single click. Now you don’t have to worry about login issues as you will continue working with all the applications from one single window. It also ensures that you have logged in to all the accounts without missing any account.

Using Chrome Extension Intelligently 

It is time to work smart rather than working harder. Professionals want to get most of their work done in less time. The best way to get it done is by using chrome extensions that allow faster and easier access to things. You will come across several chrome extensions over the internet that is designed to add efficiency and ease to your daily work, especially the professional works. Many professionals make use of these extensions as it helps them save lots of time. So, if you are looking for easy and faster solutions to heighten your productivity and efficiency, chrome extensions are the best way to go.

Use Calendar App to Organize Time

If you are still unable to determine the effective way to use technology for efficient working, then the calendar app is the perfect choice for you. You don’t have to download and install multiple applications on your device. All you have to do is to download the latest and best calendar app to organize the time and your task. The calendar app allows you to get reminders for all crucial tasks, things, meetings, events, numbers and other schedules.

If you save all these data into the application, you will have lots of free space in your mind, which can be used for other crucial things. It not only allows you to do things on time but also enhance your productivity level with technologies.

Take Advantages of Free Apps

From a customer viewpoint, free applications are always pocket-friendly and welcomed, and it is the best way to meet more solutions in less time and cost. So, without any delay, take advantage of these free applications to ensure that your life is more efficient and productivity is heightened.

There are monitoring apps, grocery apps, pick-up and drop cab apps and more, free to download and offer free of cost services. You only need to pay for the services or products that you purchase through the application.

Start with Easy to Use Technological Mediums 

The smart move to enhance your efficiency at work with technology is to start with an easy-to-use technological device or plug-in. The smartest way is to start with the optimization of the existing programs and apps. You may use Boomerang for the remainder system and outlook emails. It is the tool that lets you handle the Outlook Emails in an organized way and also clean up the inboxes by archiving the important emails and displaying them when you need them the most.

Get Consistent and Easy Access to Data

Another smart tech tip for using technology for better productivity is to get unhindered access to information and data. You are required to create a secure and reliable network based on intelligent routers and allow the employees to access that information. It will ensure that all working staff and members of your organization are aware of the challenges and the necessary alteration required and react to external changes promptly.

All these tech tips can help you achieve higher efficiency at work and make your work life easier and smoother. So, set clear goals and choose technology accordingly to make your work easier and efficient.

Investors have their unique techniques for choosing and investing in the stocks. Tech Stocks are causing a huge buzz in the market and for many good reasons. It is quite temperamental when it comes to making higher gains and profits. You may see yourself floating in the air and suddenly buried deeper the next day. But, investing in the right tech companies can assure higher status in the tech stocks. Like the other tech investors and businesses, you must be aware of the methods to take risks. Investors know it that investing in tech stocks is quite risky, and here the risk is the key factor you have to keep in mind.

Investment in tech stocks on the right tech companies can prove to be a greater help for investors that are just starting. The tech companies that are leading in the industry work harder to achieve the highest level. If you manage to identify and invest in the tech companies that are well-versed with the industry, you will hit the jackpot indeed. Regardless of your expensive level, there are helpful ways and tips to pick the winning and leading tech stocks for higher profits.

Best Day in a Week and Time of Day to Invest in Tech Stocks 

Considered as Monday Effects, many investors believe that the first day of the wee is the best time for investing in the tech stocks. But, in reality, the stock market trends usually drop slightly on the first day of the week, and this gives you the chance to invest in the tech stocks at lower than usual prices. It is because of the new details and news released over the weekend or due to the effects of final stock prices on Friday before the stock market closing. Investors must take advantage of other traders’ lower mood or their slow thinking patterns of buying tech stocks on Monday.

If Monday is the best day of the week to buy tech stock, then the time also matters a lot. The time between 9.30 AM and 11.30 AM EST is the most active period in the stock market. Based on your experience level on stocks, you may easily benefit from online and identifying the patterns amongst the tech stocks between 9.30 AM and 10.30 AM. But, if you have less experience in the stock investment, you can still benefit during the morning rush hours by trading between 10.30 AM and 11.30 AM. The market is not very volatile during this period, but it keeps moving faster. It is the time of the day when you can grab the best deals on tech stocks.

The weekend is considered the best time for investment as it gives investors a chance to research prospective tech stocks by delving into the company filings and other news.

Avoid Using Conventional Valuation Techniques

Traditional valuation techniques are considered best for other sectors, but not a viable choice when it comes to tech stocks. The conventional valuation method includes researching the factors, like price to earnings ratio, earnings per share, asset pricing formulas, growth rates, and return on asset calculation. Checking the value of the investment using the conventional valuation method does not always offer the best results and can’t capture the potential growth of the tech stocks.

Investors must make use of Moore’s Law as it tells the processing speed and power of computing chips double each year. Plus, investors must focus on investing in research and development of the products to stay ahead in the market.

Considering the ROI

Since the stocks vary, investors must use a robust formula that other successful investors are using.

Company X has a market cap of $740 Billion and earnings of $55 Billion. So, you have to calculate the return on your investment in percentage. Divide $55.00/$740.00 and multiply it with 100, and you will get an annual return of 7.4%. It is simply the earnings divided by the market cap and multiplied by 100 to get the ROI in percentage. If the answer satisfies you and you feel that you can’t do better with conventional methods, like low-cost index fund S&P 500, you need to take the smart plunge and invest in the right tech companies.

Investors use the S&P 500 as the conventional method for evaluation as it is the benchmark for investors to calculate and compare the returns on investment.

Check Revenue, Place in the Industry and Future of the Industry before Investing 

If you are making more money with the present technology that is being phased out recently, you need to look for other tech stocks that can last longer. If the tech company is helping you make money from pre-selling models and building prototypes, it would be a risky affair indeed. The tech stock company with multiple sources of revenue generation is best for investment.

There are different tech industry categories, including semiconductors, automotive, software, hardware, social media, biotech and IT. So, you need to figure out which category is steady and growing and which one has dropped in the past five years. In many cases, the software stock would take back seat to hardware, and in such a scenario, it is best to invest in tech companies that deal in the hardware category.

The stock and future of a tech company depend on the overall growth of the industry. The tech company manufacturing rotary dial phone would not be a viable option for investment, while the company making apps for healthcare could be a good investment option.

When looking for tech companies for investment in tech stocks, consider these important factors to value potential tech companies and their stocks. Tech stocks work differently from other companies where R&D is not a big deal for investors, and you will find that some basic investment rules apply here. Have fun with these tips and formals and find the tech stock that fits your long term and short term investment goals. You may also seek the help of experts in the field if you are new in the stock market.