Efficiency and productivity are things that we all tend to achieve not only on the professional ground but also on personal life. With the ever-changing technologies and consistent development of innovations, it won’t be exaggerated to state that technology has been creating a greater impact on both the sides of coins of your lifestyle. For some, Smartphone is the efficient method to reach the eventual goals, while some consider it as equipment of distraction while working. But, the reality is that with proper efforts and discipline, one can work efficiently and productivity using these technologies. Whether it is college, school, office or home office, if you follow the right tech tips and use it in the right way, you can streamline your everyday processes and increase efficiency with technology.

Switching to Automation Tools

The most effective way to use technology to work efficiently and productively is switch to the automation tools. These tools are designed to automate everything, from paying bills to scheduling appointments to updating the contact list. You must have one such automated tools that can automatically do all the tasks and efficiency.

These automation tools can reduce all the efforts to half and offer you an efficient way to streamline and digitize the processes that you would do manually. It will make every process effortless for you and ensure to enhance the overall efficiency at work with higher productivity.

Split Screen Launcher

In many instances, when you are streaming your favourite series online on your Smartphone, you suddenly remember to text an important message to someone and in such a situation what you would do? You would probably stop the video and continue with sending text messages.

You are no longer required to pausing your video as you can install Split Screen Launcher application on your Smartphone. The application allows you to split your screen into two. You can easily continue streaming the video on your gadget on one screen and send text messages or do other jobs on the second screen simultaneously.


Logify is the application for all working professionals who are presently working from their house due to pandemic conditions. So, if you are also working from home during this period, you would surely need a video conferencing application, outlook mail, Gmail, company website and more. You need to login to each account individually to stay connected with your office.

If you miss login to any of the application, your work may get hampered. So, simply login to Logify website on your browser and click the homepage button. It lets you log in to all necessary applications with just one single click. Now you don’t have to worry about login issues as you will continue working with all the applications from one single window. It also ensures that you have logged in to all the accounts without missing any account.

Using Chrome Extension Intelligently 

It is time to work smart rather than working harder. Professionals want to get most of their work done in less time. The best way to get it done is by using chrome extensions that allow faster and easier access to things. You will come across several chrome extensions over the internet that is designed to add efficiency and ease to your daily work, especially the professional works. Many professionals make use of these extensions as it helps them save lots of time. So, if you are looking for easy and faster solutions to heighten your productivity and efficiency, chrome extensions are the best way to go.

Use Calendar App to Organize Time

If you are still unable to determine the effective way to use technology for efficient working, then the calendar app is the perfect choice for you. You don’t have to download and install multiple applications on your device. All you have to do is to download the latest and best calendar app to organize the time and your task. The calendar app allows you to get reminders for all crucial tasks, things, meetings, events, numbers and other schedules.

If you save all these data into the application, you will have lots of free space in your mind, which can be used for other crucial things. It not only allows you to do things on time but also enhance your productivity level with technologies.

Take Advantages of Free Apps

From a customer viewpoint, free applications are always pocket-friendly and welcomed, and it is the best way to meet more solutions in less time and cost. So, without any delay, take advantage of these free applications to ensure that your life is more efficient and productivity is heightened.

There are monitoring apps, grocery apps, pick-up and drop cab apps and more, free to download and offer free of cost services. You only need to pay for the services or products that you purchase through the application.

Start with Easy to Use Technological Mediums 

The smart move to enhance your efficiency at work with technology is to start with an easy-to-use technological device or plug-in. The smartest way is to start with the optimization of the existing programs and apps. You may use Boomerang for the remainder system and outlook emails. It is the tool that lets you handle the Outlook Emails in an organized way and also clean up the inboxes by archiving the important emails and displaying them when you need them the most.

Get Consistent and Easy Access to Data

Another smart tech tip for using technology for better productivity is to get unhindered access to information and data. You are required to create a secure and reliable network based on intelligent routers and allow the employees to access that information. It will ensure that all working staff and members of your organization are aware of the challenges and the necessary alteration required and react to external changes promptly.

All these tech tips can help you achieve higher efficiency at work and make your work life easier and smoother. So, set clear goals and choose technology accordingly to make your work easier and efficient.


Eddy is a computer specialist and a technology geek, He has an exceptional experience is programming and analyzing any new technology entering the market.