We all love cool tricks and shortcuts, but in many cases, you must have a nudge in the right direction to find them. No matter how long you have been using an application or program, there are some shortcuts and cool tricks that we have never learned before. The same is also applicable to hardware. You might have technologically advanced gadgets and devices that you use daily, but there are some helpful quirks and cool tricks that may not be aware of. So, use these below mentioned easy and cool tech tricks to get control over different browser tabs, add up numbers, seek out keywords, simplify the Smartphone, and use the USB connector correctly.

Get Your Equation Done by Google

When it comes to adding, dividing, or multiplying some numbers faster, we often rely on calculators and quickly dig into the desk drawer for a calculator or fish around for the calculator app on your desktop PC. What most people don’t know is that most of the equations and multiplications can be solved from Google’s search box. The search box doubles the process as easy and quick as a calculator. No matter how you phrase the equation in the search box, the results are the same.

Google opens up a full in-browser calculator helpfully apart from the common search results. So, users can keep calculating numbers and solving equations without digging into the PC’s calculator app. The built-in calculator by Google can easily handle some of the challenging equations. From square roots to string together a series of numbers, you can get answers promptly with the built-in calculator of Google.

Controlling the Tabs on Chrome

If you are windows users, you might be aware of the workings of the task manager. It is the program that displays all the programs and applications that are running on the PC. In the MAC PC, it is referred to as an activity monitor tab. Similarly, the Google Chrome browser has a built-in task manager that helps users manage and control everything on the browser.

If you keep the multiple tabs open on a single browser, it becomes challenging to remember what is where. So, gain access to the task manager from the settings or use shortcuts by pressing the “shift+ecs” key on the Windows machine. The task manager will display all the open tabs on the browser. Now you have to double click the tab’s description to open the tab for viewing in the browser. It also has an “end process” option through which you can close the tabs that are no longer needed or shut down the malfunctioning tab from the task manager.

Clinch your Smartphone Space Bar

Now you can easily maintain the flow of your typing speed on Smartphone by tapping the space bar twice to terminate a sentence. It will give you a period, and space and in the next letter, you will typically get the capitalized letter automatically. This cool trick would work for everything, from writing emails to text messaging and even other messages on both Android and iOS devices.

Finding Keywords on Long Pages

When you start reading a multi-page document or a website, you feel like it goes on forever. You might be searching for a keyword or key phrase in the document and don’t want to waste time scanning and scroll the page. So, give yourself a break and use shortcuts by clicking Control and F button on Windows and Command and F button on MAC PC. This shortcut would work both on Word and Chrome browser and gives you a handy search box in the upper right corner of the windows. You only need to type the word or the keywords you are searching for, and you will directly find the work within the page.

Plugging USB Cable Correctly

USB cables and ports are everywhere, and you may have a stash of them curled up in the pile of drawers. USB cables are used for computers and other gadgets. Most of us spent hours with the frustrating moments when trying to plug a USB cable with the wrong side up. To avoid such frustration, one can use the specialty reversible USB cables that are available today.

Most of the USB cables come with a sign that lets you know which of the cable need to face up and which side must face down for correct plug-in. You need to look for the small trident like a symbol of the cable head. If the cable head is missing the symbol, look for the small seam that runs down the outside metal part of the cable connector. It only takes a glance, and you can end up connecting the cable correctly without the frustrating moments. The USB frustrations are eliminated with the launch of Type-C USB cables, where you don’t have to look for the right direction as you can plug-in the connected in any direction. It works in both directions.

Cloud Storage

Many businesses and companies are now using cloud storage for storing documents and files. Cloud Storage is considered the best option for secure and protected storage of the files, and it ensures easy access to the files whenever required and from any device and location. Cloud Storage is a handy and comfortable option to backup your files and documents securely. Several cloud programs offer you with some amount of free spaces for storage of data and files. Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and more are some of the popular cloud storage choices, and you can also try Dropbox or Sync for the unaffiliated free cloud storage option.

These are some of the cool tech tricks that can improvise our lives and keep us secured and make life easier than ever before. There are many innovative ideas and tricks are surfacing that act as the crucial game-changer in the tech field. Technology is created for almost any situation that you can imagine. But, every technology comes with some cool tricks and shortcuts worth learning to make your life easier and faster.


Eddy is a computer specialist and a technology geek, He has an exceptional experience is programming and analyzing any new technology entering the market.