Technology and digitalization have provided humankind with a lot of tech gadgets, which have now been a part of our lives. There use no longer extraordinary or different. It has been very common for everyone. There is always something new and interesting, coming up with things that are making comfortable things more comfortable. These are bringing the luxuries and increasing the living standards. The tech gadgets have been very common for the people, and not everything is too expensive to afford. There things which are of reasonable price and can be used with equal efficiency as some other similar thing to it.

About smartphones

There are many types of phones available in the market; there are several brands, each with different models and prices. The features also differ accordingly, but the same is that it came up with some technology in it, which will help the person in whatever possible way it can. Smartphones are commonly used by the maximum population of the world because of their variations in the features and prices. One can buy the one which they can afford or require as per the needs. A small thing which can even fit in the fist of a person has covered the world in it, with a phone one can do, learn, earn, whatever they want. Just owning a smartphone can act as the whole book of everything to you in this world. An internet connection is just what it requires, and you can know whatever you want in a blink.

How do smartphones work?

The phones just don’t run or work on their own; they have a lot of work, science, digitalization, and technology involved in it. It has a lot of big creations and innovations in a small size. Every smartphone has something different about it, which is a part of creation and innovation. These miniature flashing flat remotes don’t run on their own; they have a system inside them, which helps them run in a fed way. The working of the phone is controlled by the system, and it will only work the way it was designed. That’s why and where the working of every phone id different. The things which control the working of the phone is called the operating system.

There are different operating systems like- Android, Windows, iPhone, etc. There are different operating systems used in different phones; even different brands use different operating systems. People often go for the one which is easier to learn and use. So, it is Android; it is easier to use and learn to operate by the people. It was launched in 2008, and after that, it became of the most successful operating system because of its customer-friendly nature. It was easy to understand, hence attracted a lot of people and earned huge profits within a very less period. It earned an unexpected profit, which was not even planned by the founders because of people’s craze towards it.

There are many many changes made with these systems to work properly on a small screen. The actions and things working in it were limited, but creativity and innovation have no limit in the field of technology. They modified themselves and made smartphones a place for more work. Although it still does not has every work done in it, but the maximum of the works are covered, leaving a few out of the list.

The entry of Android

The time Android was launched as an operating system was not the phase of smartphones, and this was a new idea for everyone, which was found very attractive and interesting. Hence, it trended very fastly and at a very high rate. Also, it affected the sale of other operating systems a bit at that time as there was something new for the public. So, the rush towards it was profitable for the founders. Also, smartphones were not in trend then, but after Android came, the craze for smartphones increased immensely. There was another tech gadget reaching its height in the public’s mind. In this way, the launch of Android changed the game for tech gadgets. There were some gadgets which were replaced by this one single gadget which also made a few industries face loss while another one was facing rains of profits.

The use of computers was reduced along with torches, cameras, calculators, radios, calendars, etc. These were some industries that faced a change of the game in the opposite way. Although they figured out some other way, the best part was the world moved a step forward with Android and other operating systems in the form of smartphones.

How has this change affected the people and the world?

Do you know, there were so many types of phones used before the arrival of smartphones. There were phones with keys, and there were additional things applied as overtime in their physical structure and appearance and in the working too. But major changes were not possible in those phones because of some restrictions; then, there came up with an idea of moving the level up from mobiles to smartphones, which included features of a computer too.

People have found their entertainment in this gadget or device. There are now games and other things being designed for the smartphone so that anybody can access it and use it. There are applications developed after it, which was for the connectivity and communication of the people. There were applications designed for games and other watching materials. Then People found every possible thing required in just a piece of the flat box. Since the time of Android, the smartphone industry came in once because there was something designed especially for smartphones and then other operating systems geared up for their profits.

Smartphones are a major part, achievement and big tech gadget of the technology, and Android was the one which was first related to smartphones. This way, the tech gadget industry took us to another generation with Android and smartphones in your pockets.


Eddy is a computer specialist and a technology geek, He has an exceptional experience is programming and analyzing any new technology entering the market.