Digieffects: Plug-ins for After Effects, Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro


Only $99

You do good work.  We can fix that.  

Spread destruction, chaos and mayhem with DAMAGE!  It's the industry standard for bad video effects and with it, we promise your work will really look terrible.

Includes over 40 presets.  Supports Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.  


Only $99

A delightful cornucopia of visual effects

41 effects allowing you to create almost any look no matter how absurd! 

Includes nearly 200 presets.  Supports Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

  • "Damage is a filter that reproduces editable, real-world “issues” with your footage. Need to make your perfect video look like it was shot on a cell phone? No problem. Need to fade out a sequence imitating a bad satellite feed? Can do. Throw in broken VHS machines or broadcast TV with bad reception and you’ve got a good picture of what a bad picture can look like." Mark Bremmer, Microfilmmaker Magazine
  • "A lot of cinematographers go to great effort to make their footage look good - free of shakes and jitters, debris on the lens or electronic malfunctions. Damage takes that pristine footage and throws it under the bus, drags it down the road and smashes it to bits. On purpose!" Peter Bohush, NewEnglandFilm.com
  • "This is a very stable product, and I found Digieffects to perform solidly with the same speed in both After Effects and Premiere. The installation took only a few seconds and I didn’t experience a single crash. I could go on and on. The User Manual is well written and easy to understand and there are many video tutorials out there to bring you up to speed. I am now sipping the Digieffects Kool-­Aid again." Nino del Padre, Studio Daily
  • "I've found myself using something from Digieffects in most every After Effects project that passes through my studio. While FCP is not my main editing platform, I have used several of these plug-­ins within Final Cut Pro as well. The UI details and parameter settings display differently inside different hosts, but all the remaining functionality and performance is the same." Michael Hanish, TV Technology
DigiEffects Tools Have Been Used By:
Used by Paramount Pictures, CNN, WB, ESPN, Comedy Channel, HBO, Disney Channel, and MTV