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Legacy Installers

These plugins have been rearranged  rebuilt, and optimized for the current versions of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion.

If you would like to download legacy versions of our software, select the link below. Tech support and serials are not available for these products individually.

Aged Film Aged Film
Alpha Tool Alpha Tool
Atmosphere Atmosphere
Aurorix Aurorix
Berserk Berserk
Buena Depth Cue Buena Depth Cue
Camera Mapper Camera Mapper
Damage 2.5 Damage 2.5
Delirium Delirium
Depth Depth
Electrical Arcs Electrical Arcs
Falloff Lighting Falloff Lighting
Fire Fire
Fireworks Fireworks
Flipside Flipside
Glow Glow
Hyper Harmonizer Hyper Harmonizer
Lightwrap Lightwrap
Rainfall Rainfall
Simulate Camera Simulate Camera
Simulate Illuma Simulate Illuma
Snowstorm Snowstorm
Visual Harmonizer Visual Harmonizer


Buena Depth Cue is now owned by Rowbyte Software. Download the Mac installer here.

DigiEffects Tools Have Been Used By:
Used by Paramount Pictures, CNN, WB, ESPN, Comedy Channel, HBO, Disney Channel, and MTV