Tutorials – Digieffects


  • Damage | Secret Agent watch code transmission 
    Artifact | 8-bit video game down-res look
    Artifact | Effect as decay transition 
    Aged Film | Retro Super 8mm film grain and color 
    Aged Film | Old archival family portrait look
    Destabilize | Overview and shaky footage
    Skew and Interference | Digital transmission failure glitch in mirror
    Skew | Imitate CRT TV switch off and on

  • Nature Effects | Practical particle procedures
    Alpha Tool | Remove and Create Color Mattes, Composite Effects
    Electrical Arcs | videogame electricity fight at river
    Fire | Match light and text burning effect
    Fire | Creating sticks for a burning fire
    Fireworks | Adjust setting for auto-animate fireworks
    Glow | soft glow for wedding video and dream looks
    Hyper Harmonizer | Create an atom
    Hyper Harmonizer | Transition
    Lightwrap | Give a realistic look to keyed video by adding lightwrap
    Rainfall | Rainfall on the beach
    Snowstorm | Basic adjustments for the snow storm effect
    Wave Displace | Distort footage in a wave pattern

  • Transfer plugins from Adobe CS5 to CS5.5
DigiEffects Tools Have Been Used By:
Used by Paramount Pictures, CNN, WB, ESPN, Comedy Channel, HBO, Disney Channel, and MTV