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User Groups

User GroupLocationWebsite
China FCP User Group Beijing, China
Berlin FCP User Group (Final BUG) Berlin, Germany
Boise Cutters Boise, Idaho
Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSFCPUG) Boston, Massachussetts
Brazil FCP User Group (Final Cut BR) Brazil
West of England FCP User Group (WEFCPUG) Bristol, England
Calgary FCP Users Group Calgary, Canada
Carolina FCP User Group Cary, North Carolina
Charlotte Animation Visual Effects Motion Design (CAVEMODE) Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte FCP User Group (CLTFCPUG) Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago Creative Pro User Group (CHIFCPUG) Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati FCP User Group Cincinnati, Ohio
Denver FCP Users Group Denver, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group Denver, Colorado
Detroit FCP User Group Detroit, Michigan
Dublin FCP User Group Dublin, Ireland
Hong Kong Creative Pros User Group Hong Kong
Indianapolis FCP User Group Indianapolis, Indiana
Bluegrass Area Digital Media Artists Group (BADMAG) Lexington, Kentucky
Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG) Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG) Los Angeles, California
Digital Media Artists Los Angeles (DMALA) Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG) Los Angeles, California
Louisville FCP User Group Louisville, Kentucky
New Jersey FCP User Group Mahwah, New Jersey
Malaysia FCP User Group (MYFCPUG) Malaysia
Minnesota After Effects User Group Minneapolis, Minnesota
Montreal FCP User Group Montreal, Canada
Russian FCP User Group (RUFCPUG) Moscow, Russia
Nashville Apple Pro Video Group (NAProVIG) Nashville, Tennessee
NYC After Effects User Group (AENY) New York City, New York
All Creative NY User Group New York City, New York
Motion Picdtures Collective (MoPictive) New York City, New York
YakYakYak FCP User Group Paris, France
Arizona FCP User Group (AZFCPUG) Phoenix, Arizona
Portland After Effects User Group (AEPDX) Portland, Oregon
Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire (IFotIE) Riverside, California
Sacramento Video Industry Professionals (VIPS) Sacramento, California
Southeast Michigan Animation and Visual FX (SEMAFX) Detroit, Michigan
San Diego Mac Video Production User Group San Diego, California
SF Cutters San Francisco, California
Santa Barbara Filmmakers/FCP User Group Santa Barbara, California
Seattle FCP User Group Seattle, Washington
St. Louis FCP User Group St. Louis, Missouri
Toronto After Effects User Group Toronto, Canada
Toronto FCP User Group (TOFCPUG) Toronto, Canada

Washington DC FCP User Group (DCFCPUG)

Washington D.C.
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