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    Night Bloom

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    Aura - Solarize


Emanate a distinctive style by controlling color, glow, light and noise with Aura. Includes Solarize, Edgex, Colorize, Lightwrap, Glow, Gradient Designer, Grayscaler, Channel Range, Nightbloom, Specular Lighting and Channel Noise.

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  • "The NightBloom and Glow plug-­ins are used for generating beautiful blooms and glowing regions and simulating a depth-­of-­field effect I found useful for many applications. In fact, I wish I had some of these effects a week earlier to use in the new RED ONE demo I just completed. Many of the presets are animated, making it simple to click on one and end up with something that would normally take several plug-­ins and key-­framing to create." Nino del Padre, Studio Daily
  • "For me, this set of plug-ins is well worth the price. Apply a "look" to your footage in about 15 seconds. Decide on a color palate, apply it in various saturation levels to shadows, mid tones, and highlights, change the transfer mode, adjust the opacity and Bingo! - A whole new look. The most amazing thing is how fast the tools render." Nino del Padre, Studio Daily
  • "Of course I'm always interested when it comes to green screen compositing and any effect that may enhance a composited foreground and background. The LightWrap effect can be used to create a backlight or directional lighting around the edges of your matted elements to give a more realistic composite." Jeff Foster, ProVideo Coalition
  • "I've found myself using something from Digieffects in most every After Effects project that passes through my studio. While FCP is not my main editing platform, I have used several of these plug-­ins within Final Cut Pro as well. The UI details and parameter settings display differently inside different hosts, but all the remaining functionality and performance is the same." Michael Hanish, TV Technology
  • "Gradient Designer gives you just about everything you'd ever want in a gradient tool plus the ability to apply alpha channels and layer maps to control where the gradient appears. A great tool for designing your own custom sky." Rick Gerard,
  • "The VanGoughist effect requires a bit of tweaking to get the results you might expect. But once you get it dialed in it creates a beautiful painterly-quality light image on nighttime shots and oil painting effects on daytime landscapes." Jeff Foster, ProVideo Coalition
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Digieffects plugins are designed for host applications Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC, Final Cut Pro X, and Motion 4 and 5.

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