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Delirium (only $99)

DELIRIUM (only $99)

A delightful cornucopia of visual effects

41 effects allowing you to create almost any look no matter how absurd!  

Includes nearly 200 presets.  Supports Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

DigiEffects Presets

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Get a head start with our presets. We've selected settings for all the parameters to speed things up.

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DigiEffects Controls

More Control

DigiEffects’ tools give you a great degree of control so you can customize to your hearts content.

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DigiEffects Manual

Walkthrough Manual

Our manual includes tool intros, an install guide and detailed description of each parameter.

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DigiEffects Tutorials

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Visit our online video resource for expert instruction and inspiration about Digieffects products.

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DigiEffects Tools Have Been Used By:
Used by Paramount Pictures, CNN, WB, ESPN, Comedy Channel, HBO, Disney Channel, and MTV