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    Crazy Stripes

    Tweak - Crazy Stripes
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    Tweak - Crystalize
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    Hyper Harmonizer

    Tweak - Hyper Harmonizer
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    Tweak - Newsprint
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    Tweak - Nexus
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    Tweak - Perspectron
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    Schematic Grids

    Tweak - Schematic Grids
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    Tweak - Stargate
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    Tweak - Vanghouist
  • Tweak


    Tweak - VisualHarmonizer


Stylize your next project with this set of unique effects including Hyper Harmonizer, Newsprint, Crazy Stripes, Crystallizer, Visual Harmonizer, VanGoughist, Stargate, Nexus, Schematic Grids, and Perspectron.

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  • "I've found myself using something from Digieffects in most every After Effects project that passes through my studio. While FCP is not my main editing platform, I have used several of these plug-­ins within Final Cut Pro as well. The UI details and parameter settings display differently inside different hosts, but all the remaining functionality and performance is the same." Michael Hanish, TV Technology
  • "Crazy Stripes is just plain fun and useful for creating an amazing variety of arty backgrounds from footage or stills with a single click. A few minutes of experimentation brought up several great ideas for transitions that I've never seen before. This plug-in is loads of fun." Rick Gerard,
  • "I found Digieffects to perform solidly with the same speed in both After Effects and Premiere. The installation took only a few seconds and I didn’t experience a single crash. I could go on and on. The User Manual is well written and easy to understand and there are many video tutorials out there to bring you up to speed. I am now sipping the Digieffects Kool-­Aid again." Nino del Padre, Studio Daily
  • "Stargate is much more powerful than I though it would be at first glance. Stargate not only creates stunning eye candy with a click or two, it is a great tool for turning still images into dynamic moving backgrounds." Rick Gerard,
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Digieffects plugins are designed for host applications Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC, Final Cut Pro X, and Motion 4 and 5.

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Digieffects plugins use the power of your computer's CPU. No special GPU card is required.

Operating System

Digieffects plugins work with Windows systems on version 7 and later, and OSX for Mountain Lion (10.8) and later.

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