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Review of the Astro A30 Gaming Headset

If someone talks about getting a high-end gaming headset for a console, they almost always mention one of the “big three”: n someone talks about getting a high-end gaming headset for a console, they are almost always talking about one of the “big three”: It could be Turtle Beach, Tritton, or Astro (I’m not including Vibras because they’re or Astro (I’m not including Vibras as they’re only for the 360). In my opinion, Astro Gaming’s headsets are among the best out there – after all, it’s not every company that is the official headset provider for all of MLG’s live events. Its good enough for the “professional” gamers, but what about the average gamer gaming on the PSN at home – will they fit better in h for the “professional” gamers, but what about the average gamer playing at his or her house over Live on the PSN – could they be better suited for the environment of a live tourney? You can compare headset options with our review of the Steelseries Sibera 350. Reviewing Astro Gaming headsets is one of my favorite things to do, and I was blown away by the packaging when I first saw the Astro A30s. Check out the Astro A50 Xbox review for a comprehensive comparison of models if you’re a die-hard Astro fan. Magnetic seals are not often used by companies for their packaging (I have never seen another one myself). I consider the boxes superfluous, but they create a great talking point (my children wouldn’t let me throw them away so they could be used themselves). Secondly, I was surprised by what I found to be a remarkably minimalistic look. There weren’t as large ear cups as Trittons, and even the bridge was thinner than what you’d find on Trittons. In addition, the MixAmp (the component that made everything work) was also quite compact. just fits next to my console completely, which is great since I only had three inches left in my entertainment system. The receiving unit fits comfortably in my pocket and I don’t notice it when I play. The Skullcandy PLYR2 wireless gaming headset may be a better option for you if you’re not sold on Astro yet.

With the Astro Gaming A30, all you must do is plug in the transmitting unit, run an optical cable from the console to it, and then connect the dongle that enables voice chat. It’s so simple to switch from my PS3 to 360 that it has become a natural part of my gaming routine, and not something that I struggle to do (unlike other headsets). Check out the review of Razer’s Tiamat Elite 7.1 surround sound gaming headset if you’re up to date with the latest gaming gear. There is also sufficient length for most audio/video setups. If you want to use standard batteries with the receiver, I recommend getting the rechargeable battery pack. The A30 gaming headset can be charged via any USB port, and it plays a tone whenever the battery is near empty. As for sound, I’m so impressed by this headset that it’s now my first choice whenever I’m getting ready to play a tough game. Dolby Digital sound processing is used on the MixAmp to provide virtual surround sound on this gaming headset. It is crisp and clear with a deep rich bass, and it clearly hears the voices. Lastly, the receiver includes a nice bass boost, but I have never used it except to test it (it works, but my bass is loud enough already).

The mobile has two microphones that are available to use – one is a detachable boom mic, while the other is an in-line mic. Despite the fact that the boom mic’s connector has been put through its paces several times, it now produces a fair amount of static whenever I move it. boom mics (other than their durability issue) is that they pick up everything around them. The top-down design picks up things I do (even the background noise in an area), even though the top-down design picks up most background noise. People get to watch things like breathing (much to their amusement) while they play the game. There are many sensitivity settings adjusted down on the boom microphone that are below those recommended, but it doesn’t work unless I breathe out. The audio picks up very little noise in my house, even though I have two parrots, five dogs, three children, and a home office – the in-line mic isn’t effective in picking up my breathing, but it does pick up other sounds. My guess would be six this way, half a dozen that way. Purchasing the Astro A30 Audio System (headset, cable, and mixAmp) comes in at $249.95, with the rechargeable battery pack selling for an additional $19.95 (but if you’re purchasing the headset, you probably have enough to buy the battery pack as well). Overall, the Astro Gaming A30s sound great, and are very easy to use. I’d rate them a solid 4.5/5 for their sound and ease of use, especially when compared to other headsets in the same price range.