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Review of the ATOTO A6

Considering the ATOTO A6 if you’re in the market for one of the latest Android head units would be a good choice. We chose the ATOTO A6 Android stereo for its incredible quality and endless features, which make it one of the best car stereo systems. With a built-in GPS antenna, gesture control and compatibility with numerous apps, this phone is a great selection.

Why We Like It – ATOTO A6

Its exceptional performance and a large variety of features allow ATOTO A6 Android radio to provide a great user experience. Dual Bluetooth and dual Wi-Fi connections enable the double-din stereo to be connected to both wireless devices and even controllable with gestures. Since it runs on the Android OS, it boots up rapidly and is able to run apps.


In ATOTO Pro, all the features found in ATOTO Premium are included. With this Android car stereo, you’ll be able to have a maximum output of 45 watts x 4 and four RCA output channels. Bluetooth pairs with both the wireless and Wi-Fi networks, and Android Auto is supported. Also included are functionalities such as gestures and an input for the rear camera. This stereo’s firmware is always updating because it runs on Android, thus adding new features. Pioneer’s AVH-1300NEX offers Apple Carplay, so it is better suited for users who need it.


Essentially, the ATOTO A6 is a tablet computer and a car stereo manufactured by ATOTO. An embedded touchscreen with a 7-inch size allows the user to get less or more information. A large, easy-to-use screen with a vivid display makes the device easy to use. Three USB ports and an SD card reader come standard on the A6. Two of the ports support fast charging. It has a built-in GPS antenna and Google Maps as standard features, which make the ATOTO A6 stand out from most stereos. A DVD player such as the Boss Audio BV9358B may be better for you if you need one.


Upon checking Amazon, you can tell quite a bit about the value of this head unit from its comments. Many of its features set it apart from its competition in its class. In addition to gesture control, built-in GPS navigation, and dual Bluetooth, it has 2 Wi-Fi networks. In addition, it can download your favorite apps from the Play Store so that you can use them in your vehicle. Considering its price in comparison to its features, it provides an excellent value. This Sony MEX-N4200BT can be used if your computer has a single-DIN slot.

ATOTO A6 Wrap Up

Android head units are usually more expensive. The one featured here comes with a ton of cutting-edge technology. Although the DVD player doesn’t work with it, nor does it have voice control capabilities, it has everything else you could possibly need. It’s an amazing value! In our ATOTO A6 review, we found that it’s a great purchase.