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Tech Guides: How to Get Started With Social Media

In the past two decades, there has been a dramatic surge in the amount of social media we have available. From having a few choices such as MySpace and MSN to now having over a dozen different options to choose from, it can be hard to keep up with the everchanging interfaces of these apps. Fortunately, there are lots of guides online that help with how to use social media, from answering the basic questions such as how to use Instagram to the more complicated aspects, such as how to use these sites for business purposes. Here, we’ll discuss how to get started.

The Basics

Let’s look at the basics, to begin with, and the most basic question to ask yourself is, which social media is best suited to you? There are many different kinds, all with their own rules and regulations to them, such as Instagram being a picture based application, so if you’re someone who enjoys taking pictures and sharing moments with others, this is perfect for you. Twitter, on the other hand, has a character limit of 280 characters (which has increased from its original 240 character limit), which means you have to a lot more concise in what it is you are trying to share, but on the other hand, it is a lot more public server, so if you enjoy talking to lots of other people, this is for you. There is also Facebook, which is similar to both of these mentioned in that you can post pictures or just status updates, but there is no character limit, and it is a much more private platform.  These are all things to take into consideration when creating your social media account.

Signing up

Most of these sites require you to set up an account, and if this is for personal use then you can fill it in with your own details (such as your name, date of birth, etc). For sites such as Facebook, this can help friends who use it to be able to find you on there and to add you. However, some apps don’t require personal information if you don’t want to use it, such as Instagram or Reddit, and you can change any name or ‘bio’ (this is where you write small details about yourself so people know who you are/what you like) to maintain privacy. For all these sites you will need an email, but this is kept private and there isn’t any need for it to sound professional (unless you are creating a business page).

Finding friends

After setting up your account, you’ll need to find friends or people to follow it. All of these apps will have a search function that is usually at the top of the page for you to use, and if you know anyone who uses these sites, then you can simply search for their name and identify the right account by the picture they’ve used. If you’re unsure if it’s them, then you could always let people know you’ve made an account and let them find you on it instead. Most apps also have celebrity figures who have public accounts that you can follow to see what they’re up to, as well as lots of funny accounts, meme pages, shower thoughts, etc, so then you can have a range of different things and people on your feed.


These are the very basics to starting an account on social media, but if you have any other queries then there are plenty of helpful guides online relating to specific social media, as well as each social media’s own FAQ pages to guide you through the process.