Make a list of Nvidia entries (GeForce Experience, Graphics Driver, and PhysX System Software) and remove them one by one. You can uninstall or change an entry by clicking on it. Verify that Nvidia Uninstaller was removed by clicking on the checkbox. Follow that up with a restart of your PC.

It is possible for your graphics card to overheat and cause a crash of Nvidia drivers. For this to be resolved, you must open the case of your computer, remove the graphics card, and clean it of dust. If you’d like to avoid this, you can install software to cool your computer, which could solve a wide variety of issues simultaneously.

If you completed your picture editing, you’ll find your pictures in the Gallery of GeForce Experience. You can view it by clicking “Gallery” by pressing Alt+Z. In addition to the screenshots, as well as any ShadowPlay videos and regular GeForce Experience screenshots, these will also be listed under Videos/[Name of Game].

You can find Device Manager in the Control Panel by clicking “System and Security”. I’m looking for some information on my video card under the Adapters section of the Display Adapters, so I clicked in the Display Adapters section. An appropriate message will appear in this area if the device is functioning. In the event that it does not.

The following steps will help you install the NVIDIA drivers: Select Custom in the Installation options screen. The next page will appear. Click the Next button once you have chosen “Perform a clean installation.”. Completing the installation is as simple as following the on-screen instructions. Ensure that the system is rebooted.