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What We Like About the Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

On our list of the Best Tablets, we have listed the Z4 tablet that has classic features such as a camera on the front and rear. MicroSD cards are supported, and can hold up to 128GB of additional storage on top of the 32GB built-in memory. Get some work done with some apps from the Google Play Store and play some games on the IPS HD screen to show off your work.

Why We Like It – Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 Review

10.1-inch Vanko Matrixpad Z4 tablets are powerful, lightweight devices that stream video, music, and apps with quality. Those searching for an economical tablet that is packed with useful features can purchase this device.


Z4 comes with 2GB RAM, which is welcome when more than one application is running. Additionally, the quad core processor enhances the performance. If you compare the Apple iPad 10.2-Inch tablet with the cameras you have, you will find the quality lower. The tablet does not have cellular capability, so it will only work with the Internet via Wi-Fi.


The tablet comes with a micro USB cable that can be used to recharge it. Two 2 megapixel cameras are located on the front and eight on the back of the device. With Google Assistant, you can also stay as organized as possible while navigating through your day. In addition to the eye-health option, this tablet has a backlight that will stop intense light from hurting our eyes. There are also other devices from Amazon which you might consider if you’re considering a different brand of tablet.


You can pick up a 10.1-inch tablet for just over $100, and android professionals are sure to enjoy it. In spite of not having the strongest camera on the market, the IPS display, eye health, and expandable storage still make it a great choice. Google Play Store tools, apps, and 32 GB of included storage means you can surf around for tools and apps with the 128 GB of expandable storage. During your research, you may also want to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T580 tablet. This tablet utilizes an octa-core processor that may be of interest if all these features do not satisfy your needs yet.

Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 Review Wrap Up

There is, however, a lot of technology on the Vankyo Matrixpad that isn’t found on other brands. In fact, some of the biggest tech companies provide features on the Matrixpad. With the Z4’s quad core processor, you’ll be able to run multiple apps at the same time, and it will last more than 8 hours until it needs to be charged again.