Dating has been around for nearly as long as man has. Although over the years, our requirements for a relationship has become focused more on someone’s personality and interests, rather than whether or not they could protect us from a sabretooth tiger. Throughout the twentieth century, the ways in which we dated, continued to develop alongside technology. And it is only within the last decade that dating has changed drastically again with the invention of dating apps. These apps typically use geolocation technology to find potential matches that fit your requirements in your area. The road that has taken us to this current state of dating is a long and interesting one.


Lonely Hearts Columns

In 1695, an advert appeared in the popular magazine called A Collection For Improvement Of Husbandry and Trade, a young woman stated that she was seeking a “gentleman about 30 Years of Age, that says he had a Very Good Estate” who sought a “Good Young Gentle- woman that has a Fortune of 3,000 pounds or thereabouts”. This is the first known record of a lonely hearts advert in Britain. A lonely heart advert was a way for someone who was seeking a relationship to list their own qualities as well as what they were looking for in a partner in hopes somebody reading the magazine who shares their desires and values would reply. This is not too dissimilar to online dating profiles today and would essentially become the later template for online dating. Lonely hearts adverts would often have their own column in a newspaper or magazine, and within 1870 and 1900, 20 newspapers were created that were dedicated entirely to lonely hearts ads. These adverts would eventually wain in popularity as the 20th century continued, although there are some columns still going to this day if you fancy giving them a try!


Computer Assisted Matchmaking

Although our recent concept of online dating through the use of apps has only been solidified in the past ten years, companies have been using computers to aid with matchmaking since the 1950s. In 1959 as part of a class project at Stafford, Jim Harvey and Phil Fialer founded the Happy Families Planning Services which used a questionnaire and an IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data-Processing Machine to help match those seeking relationships. Based on this concept, the St. James Computer Dating Service founded by Joan Ball, becomes the first commercially run computer-generated matchmaking company in 1964. These types of dating services would start to become more commonplace as the twentieth century went on.


Online Dating

By the 1990s, computers were now becoming more commonplace and were affordable to have at home. This allowed for the introduction of online dating websites that would become popular during this time period. became the first-ever dating website in 1994 with following shortly after in 1995. These became our modern templates for technology-assisted dating that we recognize today. On these websites you created a profile, filling out personal information such as your age and religion which could be filtered in a search feature to help yourself and others narrow down their preferences to find someone who fits their desires. During the 90s and 2000s, dating sites would continue to grow in number and popularity as the Internet become more readily available across an increasing number of devices.


Dating Apps

Grindr became the first dating app of its kind in 2009 by using geolocation technology to find suitable matches near to the user. It was designed to be used by those in the LGBT community, primarily gay men. This change in technology also marked a change in society as acceptance for LGBT couples has increased. Lots of similarly designed apps that also used geolocation were soon to follow including Tinder in 2012 which has since become the most recognized dating platform. With most people nowadays owning their own smartphones, you can now date online from wherever you can carry your phone. So, if you’re struggling to find the one, why not download one of the many apps available, google some cheesy pickup lines or love quotes and sayings for him or her and see where the world of online dating takes you!

2020 may have been an absolutely terrible year in a lot of areas. Socially we were all locked down and confined by a global pandemic. Politically the world has never been more divided. But there is one area that still stands strong amidst all this chaos. And that is the world of Video Games.

Every year it seems the gaming world is blessed with new fantastic titles, incredible gaming stories, and fantastic new technology to make our gaming sessions more intense. So as we leave 2020 behind us, we want to take a look at some of the most popular games of 2020. To remind ourselves that there was some light in the darkness.


Call of Duty is a staple of the gaming world. You can always bank on there being a new CoD released in any given year. And you can guarantee that it won’t break from the winning formula that has made CoD such a success.

But Warzone did try something different. The battle royale genre has become rather saturated in recent years. Thanks to the success of Fortnite. So it’s no surprise that CoD would try to get in on the action.

But Warzone differs in one respect. It takes the winning CoD gunplay and combat systems to create a totally different experience. And with plenty of hacks, cheats and aimbots for warzone to help you win, it is no wonder Warzone was one of the most popular games of 2020.

Fall Guys

Move over Mario party, there is a new party game in town. Fall Guys appeared out of seemingly nowhere and became the summer smash hit. Everywhere we looked we saw articles and videos of Fall Guys. The charming take on gameshow such as total wipeout being played by 6ft tall bean men won hearts and minds everywhere.

The game uses the battle royale formula but is decided over a series of rounds where random mini-games are played. The stakes are always high as there can only ever be one winner. The game keeps things fresh by changing the theme every season. Everything from Wizards and Knights to Frozen winter wonderland. We personally cannot wait to see what exciting new minigames make an appearance in 2021

Among Us

Among Us has been around for a while now. But it was only this winter that it really came into its own. Moving from relative obscurity to being one of the most popular games on the planet. It takes the traditional werewolf/mafia gameplay idea and puts you and a small crew against alien infiltrators.

You have to use all your wits to complete the tasks and uncover the aliens before everyone is murdered. This seems simple but you have to deal with the fact that your teammates are often random people who seek only to troll you. Among us is playable for free on mobile or for purchase on other systems. We recommend playing the PC version as keyboard integration is much easier to use than a phone touchscreen.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for millions upon millions of gamers, the release of Animal Cross NH was a monumental occasion. Especially since people found themselves stuck indoors for a long time, this game offered everyone an escape to a more idyllic world full of friendly animals and comfy scenery.

The new iteration in the series added a lot of quality of life improvements the game has been calling out for. A crafting and milestone system to encourage continued play. Improved multiplayer and the ability to terraform the landscape.


In today’s era, everyone is using a smartphone. It does not matter which class an individual belongs to, but what matters is the fact that everyone is capable enough to purchase and keep a smartphone. These highly-technical mobile phones have a lot of features to offer, and it is because of this aspect that most of the people have highly-classified information or personal information stored in their phones. Is it safe to do so? Only if you apply the privacy settings, otherwise anyone can access your phone and steal your data and cause havoc in your world. But is it necessary to protect your smartphone? Why?

Why is it necessary to keep your phones protected?

Did you know that the number of cell phones in this world constitutes about 5-billion? And smartphones cover about 2.5-billion of that number. It means that half of the population that uses mobile devices is using smartphones. Not just that, people are now actively shifting to the use of the same. A smartphone has several applications, which include factors, such as people text, people use social media sites, send pictures, keep their contact information, keep valuable data, such as bank account numbers, pins, passwords, Etc. This kind of data can easily be accessed by anyone if you do not have smartly put protective barriers on your smartphone. It means that if someone gets hold of your smartphone, they can use the information to steal money, reach out to your social media sites, and disturb your everyday life. If you don’t put security in your smartphones, it can get accessed.


These are some of the reasons why it becomes essential to keep your smartphones protected. It is the reason why we have selected some of the most valuable tips using which you can keep your phone protected at all times.

What are some of the tips to protect your smartphone’s privacy?

Here are some tips you should follow to secure your phones:

  • Lock your devices

every smartphone in the world allows you to lock the device. They have different options, such as using a 4-digit or 6-digit pin, a pattern that you can easily remember, swipe-up or down lock system, fingerprint lock system, facial recognition, and some smartphones even have the voice recognition system. These are some of the different services that you can use so that no one can access your phone.

  • Suspicious link

often, we receive emails and messages that have links attached to them. You should not click on the links unless you know who the sender is and whether or not they have sent you the mail. Sometimes, hackers use disguising methods to access your smartphone data. This practice can be lethal, therefore avoid clicking on unknown links.

  • Software update

every mobile phone consists of software. These software need updates every few months. You must update the software as soon as your phone reminds you of the same. The reason behind this is the fact that otherwise, you will use outdated software, which is too weak to protect your phone from malicious activities.

  • Unique passwords 

if you own a smartphone, then naturally, you will have several social media accounts. All the social media accounts require passwords so that your account and data stays protected. You need to ensure that every account has a unique password. You cannot keep the same password for all the accounts because if an individual can access your phone records from one account, then it will become effortless for them to reach your other social media platforms. This way, even if in the worst-case scenario, you lose one account of yours, you have others to keep some data of yours protected.

  • Use VPN 

the virtual private network is a common technique that you can use to get rid of cybercriminals. No one can stop themselves from using an open WIFI network. So if somehow you find yourself sitting in a cafe with the free WIFI, you must use it through the virtual private network. It is because the VPN makes you anonymous, so if you end up making online purchases or banking transactions, then your information will remain confidential or hidden.

  • Do not download unknown applications

you must have received several notifications requesting you to download an application. These advertisements are full or flair to induce users, but you should never download an application from unknown sources. You must always use prominent app stores or play stores that have a reputation in the market to download your apps. This way, you will stay protected from external threats. In addition to that, you will find that smartphones usually do not permit downloading applications from external sources unless you manually make it happen. So, ensure that you always use reputed sources only.

  • Use backup

at times, it happens that viruses enter your devices and delete all the data from your phone. At times you are not able to detect it because they hide under undetectable names. It is the reason why you should have a cloud backup system in your devices. Just in case you lose all the data, you should be able to use the backup.

  • Enable remote wiping 

concerning the point mentioned above, in case you lose your phone or someone steals it, it is necessary to ensure that they do not access your data at all. The remote wiping option exists so that you can delete all the data from your phone from any corner of the world so that it remains safe and sound.

  • Use a security app 

almost all smartphones have security applications inbuilt in them. These applications check for viruses and any unknown activities that might cause harm to your data or your smartphone, but if your phone does not have one, then feel free to add a security application in your mobiles to increase protection.

Following that, these are some of the most common and painless methods of securing your phone. Ensure that you follow all these steps to keep your data secure.