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Something that you may have noticed is that more and more people are meeting their significant others online. We live in a culture where online dating is more common than dating in real life. Thanks to the invention of dating applications such a Tinder and Bumble, it is simply much more convenient to date online than it is to date in person.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about whether or not online dating is the direction that we should all be heading in. Many people think that it is destroying the process of building healthy relationships, but others think that it is opening us all to love opportunities that we may not have been able to experience in the past.

There is no denying that online dating is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation, but is online dating becoming the brand new norm? And if it is, is this a healthy direction for the world of dating to be heading in?

We are becoming more technologically dependent

One of the main reasons that online dating is becoming such a social norm is because the world is becoming much more dependent on technology. We use technology to do pretty much everything, from gaining an education to shopping. For this reason, it makes sense that dating would become something that we did online, as that was the natural step forward.

The reason that online dating is such a new phenomenon is that it simply never existed before. If online dating would have existed a long time ago, it would seem a lot less unusual to the general public.

Online Dating Defeats Distance

In the past, many people felt as though they were never really able to meet the perfect person. This was because they were limited to people that were in their area or people that they met throughout their lifetime.

Since the introduction of the internet, people have been able to connect with people that they would have never met in the past. This means that thanks to the internet, you are able to meet people that share your own common interests and like a lot of the same things that you like.

The internet is a place where you can build communities with people that share the same interests as you, so it only makes sense that you would develop a romantic interest in one of these people, even if you do not know who they are in real life.

It’s Easier to Speak to People Online

Another big reason why internet dating has become so popular is because it is a lot easier than dating in real life. Dating in real life can be awkward and uncomfortable, as you are forced to communicate with someone that you have never met before and get to know each other.

As a generation, we have one of the highest social anxiety diagnosis ever and so it makes complete sense that we prefer the world of online dating. Dating online does not have the same pressure as normal dating and you have the time to think about what you say to each other, as there is no pressure to respond instantly when you are not in the same room.

I also feel like you are a lot braver when you message people online. When you are not face to face with someone, you can take the chance to be a little riskier. Say you wanted to get a bit flirtatious and you are not sure how you can express that, you could always turn to Google and send over a few love quotes and sayings for him or her and not worry about what the response is. You would not feel brave enough to do something like this in person and the person you are speaking to may appreciate how bold you are being.

Travel is Easy

Another reason why online dating seems to be working so well is due to travelling being so easy these days. Even if you meet someone that is across the country, you can still see them semi-regularly, which may not have been the case a few decades ago. This means that if you don’t mind not seeing each other all of the time, you can still make it work and have a successful relationship.

If you’re living in Canada, CA or CO, you might have noticed the sharply increased footfall in gardening supply stores and neighbors suddenly becoming intense horticulturalists over the last few years. Sure, the craft is incredibly rewarding physically and mentally and you can literally reap great rewards, but you may have been asking yourself why this is happening. While the answer might be relatively simple, there are actually a lot of pieces that had to fall in to place to make it happen.

The greenest thumb out there

The legalization of recreational cannabis that has been pushed across the land over the last decade is definitely the first place to look. A love of weed is one thing almost all cultures across the planet can find in common with each other, even with the plant being demonized by American and world-wide governments over the last hundred years.

Now that the public perception of marijuana is starting to soften, as soon as a state legalizes the kush, the most popular local pass-time seems to suddenly become hanging out with friends while smoking a fat blunt. As we all know, the truth is that weed has always been popular all over the country, but now that people are allowed to admit it, old and new smokers are crawling out of the woodwork at speed.

From smoker to grower

While the majority of these people would be considered as perusers, buying their bud from dispensaries or dealers, a lot of people realised that weed got its name from how easy it actually is to grow the stuff. Sure, if you want the most potent dank leaf, it requires a bit more of a sophisticated setup to ensure the best results, especially in this great Colorado climate.

It is actually a very approachable and comfortable way to get your own supply of any strain you want for a tiny fraction of the price, as germinated seeds are cheap and very easy to get hold of. You can get cannabis seeds in Denver CO from farmerslabseeds and start up your own personal patch now!

Green all over my feed!

Meanwhile, over the same period of time, it has become very popular on social media to start filling the inside of your tiny New York apartment with as many house plants as possible. with some entire hipster subcultures springing out of this new fashion statement.

This can be as relaxing and rewarding as it is frustrating and expensive, giving the trend a hard cap on how many people are willing to join, even with the promise of brownie points in the form of likes and follows.

In Comes Covid

As usual with modern trends, the smoking gun that caused the explosion was the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic and its associated global lockdowns. With very little warning, life was paused for hundreds of millions of people across the globe, and people got very bored very quickly.

This led to people all over the globe taking up in-door and out-door gardening, with Instagrams all across the globe being flooded with rainforest plants, bonsais and all shapes and sizes of herb and vegetable. While all these plants are absolutely wonderful to look at (and eat), this wasn’t the full extent of how the internet would convince people to get their knees dirty.

Smoke lockdown away

A much less publicised result of the lockdowns is how difficult it suddenly became to get hold of any sort of drug – prescription drugs, schedule 1 drugs, and our favourite green demon. Those in cities in legal states were less effected by the shortage, but just as effected by the sudden price hikes.

Of course, no one was happy with having to bulk-buy before lockdowns started, and even less pleased by how hard it was to get more during lockdown. This is where home growers patted themselves on the back. As long as you retain a few cuttings from each crop, your first yield of marijuana can be the mother for endless cannabis over time.

Looks as good as it tastes

This is the sort of success that spreads around the internet like wildfire, and soon enough people all over the globe were purchasing seeds to grow their own plants indoors and outdoors.

Cannabis plants are very aesthetically pleasing, with some strains fitting in perfectly into any indie girl’s monkey leaf collection, meaning that even non-smokers started to get in on the trend, especially since they are even easier to care for if you don’t mind about the weed yield.

A green future?

As with seemingly everything in modern times, all the kids turning up with green fingers can be narrowed down to drugs and lockdown. But this is something to be celebrated, as the sharp increase in green plants contributes greatly to cleaner air for everyone involved and those around them, an absolute blessing in these greatly polluted times. Hopefully this will also lead to more world governments realising that the devil’s lettuce does a lot more good than harm.

There are few things more annoying than running into a bug or a glitch while using your PC. Working away steadily and then bam, bluescreen of death. And that is only one of the more extreme issues that can occur while using a PC or laptop.

No technical system in the world is immune to the occasional error. They can come about from a human fault or simply a random occurrence. And they can be extremely aggravating. There is the temptation to shout or hit the machine to try to get it to work. Or to simply give up and walk away.

So today we are going to look at some of the more common tech errors you will encounter while using a PC and how to fix them.

The Bluescreen of Death

The most infamous error on the planet. Named for the luminous blue screen it displays right before it completely shuts down your computer system and forces a restart. The bluescreen of death only appears after a fatal systems error, so there are no one-size-fits for why it appeared.

Chances are when the system restarts you will have the option to identify the error code and look up the specific error that took place. But in terms of fixing it, usually, the restart should be enough to have fixed the issue. You only need to worry if the error occurs on a regular basis or every time you try to do something specific.

If you continually get the bluescreen of death we suggest you seek professional help from firms such as sphereit or compuluix, firms that offer IT support London which is one of the tech capitals of the world so they know what they’re talking about.

Sudden Lagging

People like to joke that lag is the leading cause of anger issues in gamers today. And to be honest they wouldn’t be far off. Lag is the term for when your system suddenly slows down. The cursor might jitter about. Things might freeze and unfreeze sporadically. It can make working impossible.

There are a few reasons this could be happening. One issue could be memory usage. To check this you need to open up task manager using ctrl+shift+esc and check how much of the CPU is being used by various programs. It could be worth shutting some down.

Or your hard drive might need defragging, which is when all the stored up junk and data is defragmented to make it all more neatly stored and should speed up your PC by a fair bit. If neither of these work then it could be a hardware issue with the CPU and you may need to bring in a specialist.

Junk on the Desktop

Have you ever had random adverts or programs open themself up on your desktop without any interaction from you? Maybe it’s for a product or service or trying to sell you a new program. Chances are you have gotten a virus.

Malware is all too easy to catch these days. Emails, dodgy websites, file sharing. There are thousands of ways for malware to make it into your system. And sometimes it can cause massive issues. Other times it is just a nuisance.

The easiest way to fix this is to download good anti-virus software. Once you have you will want to run a complete system scan. The program should locate the malware and purge it from your system completely. We highly recommend you always have an anti-virus software program running in the background and run regular full systems checks.

Random Shutdown

The Bluescreen of death isn’t the only thing that can cause a complete shutdown of a system. You might find you were working away and then your screen goes dark and your unit shuts off.

To fix this you may need to retrace your steps to see what caused the issue. How many programs were open? What were the programs? How much memory was being used at the time?

One of the main reasons for a random shutdown is overheating. When a PC is being pushed to its limits the fans need to work in overdrive to keep it all cool. This is why you need to retrace your steps. It could be the program you were running set the CPU to maximum causing the fans to work in overdrive, so listen out for them. A PC is designed to shut itself off when too hot to avoid any serious damage or fire.

The issue might be as simple as clearing up your PC. Or it may be an issue with the fans not working properly.

To that end, we also recommend you regularly open up your PC and get inside to clean it. Dust can accumulate over a long period of time and is great at trapping heat or reducing function. Do NOT use water to clean your PC though. Instead, you should buy a can of compressed air. The thing nozzle can get into the little areas and remove all the dust.

Speaking to an Expert

Technical systems are complex by nature. Not everyone is a computer whiz. And even fewer people are trained engineers. So never be ashamed to seek expert help when confronted with a worrying technical issue.

If you are a business owner, then you will be more than aware of how beneficial using social media platforms is for business. Using social media platforms gives you access to data and analytics that you simply would not get from using a private site, and it is much more convenient because the template is already done for you.  

Arguably the most popular site that is used for running a business is Instagram. Instagram allows you to make something called a ‘business account,’ which gives you access to a lot of data and tracks your interactions with your followers. It is well known that Instagram offers a number of metric tools that are very useful for getting a deeper understanding of how effective your Instagram interaction is. Here are 8 of the best Instagram metric tools to track your business success.  


Reach is arguably one of the most important metrics that you can pay attention to on your page.  Reach tells you how many individual accounts are able to see your posts, which lets you know exactly how many people are seeing the content you are putting out there.  

Sometimes your reach is not the same as your followers, so having an understanding of who is actually seeing your posts is very important. If you feel as though you are not getting enough reach, you can besuche Worldfame wenn du schnelle Instagram Follower kaufen möchtest in order to try and improve the reach that you already have.  


If you are someone that regularly uses Instagram, then you will know that if you enjoy a  post or want to look at it again later, you can save it. What you may not know is that every time you save a post, it informs the account that posted it.  

As a business account, getting saves is a very good sign as it means that someone was so interested in your post that they want to come back to it later. Being able to see which posts are being saved will give you an idea of what kind of posts are the most successful on your page; you can then look at that and try to replicate the content that people seem to be interested in.  

Story Views 

A big tool that you can use as a business owner is the Instagram story features. The story allows you to post content for twenty-four hours. We live in a scroller society, so people enjoy just sitting back and watching stories, which makes stories very effective for advertising.  

Story views allow you to know just how many people have watched your story, which will let you know how much attention you are getting.  


Engagement is different from reach in the sense that it doesn’t just tell you how many people have seen your post; it also tells you how many people have been commenting and leaving likes. Engagement is very important as it shows you which posts are catching people’s attention enough for them to stop and leave alike. This will give you a better indication of what is working in comparison to reaching, as reach includes people who have just scrolled past your post.  


 If you are someone that sells directly from Instagram and not any other external site, then you will be able to access sales.  This shows you basically how many people have clicked links to go to the purchase side of your page. It not only shows you how many people have gone to the purchase side, but it tells you who went on that side of your page and clicked off, which may show when someone did not think your page looked good.

Drop Off Rate 

As previously stated, you can get statistics that show you how many people watch your Instagram stories. Instagram recently introduced the drop-off rate feature, which shows you at what point your viewer stopped viewing your story. If many people seem to drop off on the same slide, then this is a good indication that what you are posting is simply not working.  

It also shows you just how many people made it to the end of your story, and if people manage to make it to the end, it shows that it was a success story.  

Post Timing 

A big question that a lot of Instagram-based businesses have is, when exactly should I post? Thanks to the outcry of many users, Instagram now has a feature that tells you exactly when your page gets the most interaction and when your followers are most active. You can use this data to work out your posting schedule so that your posts get as much attention as they possibly can.

Timing your posts right is what may increase your overall popularity, so be sure to pay attention. 


The growth metric allows you to see exactly what rate your page is growing at. From an outside perspective, it can be hard to figure out whether or not your page is growing at all. Sometimes gaining followers may make you believe that you are growing, but the lack of interaction gets in the way of this. Growth will not just show you the growth in the number of people following you, but it will show you the growth in interaction and story views. 

If you are someone that has a pet, then you will be more than aware of just how quickly they go from furry housemate to your best friend and child. Once you have a pet, you completely transform as a person, and there is absolutely nothing that you wouldn’t do for your pet.  


If like me, you have a pet and a love for shopping, then you probably love splashing some cash on your pet. However, there are only so many chew toys that you can buy your pet, and so you may be looking for something else to purchase them. Here are 8 bits of kit perfect for your fur baby. 


Automatic Feeder 

If you have a busy schedule and you don’t spend a lot of time at home, then you may be worried about your pet’s eating habits. Leaving out big bowls of food is not effective, as your pet may end up overeating or simply not eating enough. Automatic feeders allow you to time exactly when you want your pet to eat, and you can even get some that will allow your pet to trigger it when they are hungry. 

Collar Key 

If you are a cat owner, then you will know that there is nothing more annoying than having to continuously let your cat in and out of the flap. You also have to deal with random cats entering your house that you don’t even know. Getting your cat a collar key means that a sensor will open up the flap for you, so you don’t have to worry about having to do it yourself or having unexpected guests in your home. 

Doggy Massager 

Much like humans, dogs experience stress and anxiety. A great way to try and offer relief to this stress and anxiety is getting your dog a doggy massager. Doggy massagers are very inexpensive and low-pressure, so all you need to do is set your dog down and let them enjoy themselves. If your dog’s anxiety is something that you are worried about, we also recommend that you invest in some CBD treatments to help calm their nerves. If you are a cat owner and you have also noticed cat anxiety, we recommend getting CBD cat treats 

Automatic Ball thrower 


auto ball launcher Shop Clothing & Shoes Online

If you are a dog owner, then you will know just how hyperactive dogs can be. Humans, unfortunately, can not always keep up with the energy that dogs have. A great way to make sure that your dog is getting the exercise and entertainment that it deserves is by purchasing an automatic ball thrower. You can set this ball thrower to fit whatever environment you are setting it up in, so if you have a small garden, you don’t have to worry about it being thrown anywhere unsafe that your dog may follow. There are also some with quite long ranges, which will be perfect for bigger fields.

Pet Chatz 

If you are someone that unfortunately has to leave your pet regularly to go home, then you may get worried about what they are doing while you are not at home. You will be glad to know that you no longer have to leave your pet alone without being able to check in on them whenever you want to. Thanks to Pet Chatz, you can now log onto the camera and check what your cat is up to whenever you feel like it. You can also interact with them, so they know that they are not alone in the house. 

Automatic Lazer Pointer 

EverWin Cat Toys : Pet SuppliesCats can get easily bored, and so the best thing that you can do is make sure that you have plenty of things to entertain them. Once again, this is a great gift for anyone that works quite often, as you may worry that your pet is getting bored without you in the house. If your cat gets too bored, then they may take it out on your personal objects, which means that they may break something, so it is in your best interest to ensure that they are entertained throughout the day.  

Light Up Collar 

If you have a dog or cat that is prone to getting out of the house, then you may be worried about their safety. Absolutely anything can happen when your pets are outside, and with so many cars on the street, there is every possibility that your pet may be hit if they don’t have enough visibility.  Light-up collars will allow drivers to be able to see your pet when they are in the dark, which will increase the chance of them being able to get home safely after venturing off into the world.  They come in a number of colors with different settings, so you will find one that meets your taste.  

Cooling Bed 

dog beds that keep dogs cool Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy Clothing, Accessories and lifestyle products for women & men -We are experiencing some of the hottest months that we have ever experienced, and unfortunately, animals are unable to deal with the heat too well. This is the time of year when you should be keeping your pets in much more as they won’t be able to deal with the heat as much as humans can. Cooling beds are a great way to ensure that your pet is at a reasonable temperature; it will also be a good option for solace within an extremely hothouse. 


The technical side of where our internet signals come from can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you consider the worldwide scale of these signals. Servers basically provide the websites and internet to our homes that we use on an almost daily basis, our home Wifi boxes are designed to be able to tap into those signals to allow us access to many different programs and pages that are available online.  

The basic answer behind the question of what a server actually is doesn’t have to be complex as a server is basically a piece of computer hardware that provides access for our devices to get onto any website or application you want to use. As technology has developed and more and more businesses bring out their own websites and programs there has been a huge demand for servers that are capable of much more complex processes as well as being able to deal with an increased amount of traffic on websites. Servers have become much more of a priority for maintenance as a small issue can have a devastating effect on a company if potential customers cannot access pages due to a technical fault.  

Where are Servers Located and Maintained?

The location of many servers is kept a secret in order to protect businesses around the world, as the everyday running of many corporations rely upon the servers being maintained and monitored to avoid technical issues and server shutdowns. Without the servers the accessibility of business webpages all over the world could be affected which is the time where customers are not able to shop online, this could be very detrimental to the profits and revenue that is brought in especially if an issue persists due to an issue with the servers not being able to accommodate for huge amounts of website traffic.  

The demand for twenty-four-hour maintenance on servers has never been higher with many businesses paying huge expenses to have the best technical minds on-site to deal with and resolve any issues. Having professional guidance on the matter is a great tool to have access to as you and your business are left much better prepared for a crash on the servers, with some cases being that an issue can be resolved before it occurs which will save money and inconvenience in the long run.  

Who Uses Servers?

I think it is safe to say that everyone at some point in their lives has used a server of some kind before, whether they knew about it or not servers are used within any webpage or application that is connected to the internet. As the functionality of the internet and technology only grows further it is likely that servers will become an even more important part of the technology industry over the coming years.   

The number of people that use technology is likely to continue to grow as more and more people are attracted to the world of the internet as more companies move to an online platform. With this in mind even those few people who do not currently rely upon technology and the internet within their everyday lives, it is likely that they will be forced to convert and change with the times as it is virtually impossible at this point to avoid the internet and using technological solutions. Businesses are likely to put more and more funding into the maintenance of their servers as the traffic on many online stores and websites grows at a very fast rate.  

Should You invest in VPS?

As a strong internet and server connection becomes a more desirable attribute to have, more people are wondering how to ensure they have access to a strong signal within their homes. The answer is simple and an option that many people take would have to be investing in a VPS or VPN (Virtual Private Server/Network), this service can be used by the everyday person to ensure a reliable signal within the home or by businesses to limit connection failures and technical issues.  

A VPS works by duplicating the existing server signal and limiting it for private use in your home or business premises, this limits the amount of traffic on your server as you are the only one with access to it. As most server technical faults stem from overuse and accessing this prevents many issues from occurring. Private servers are available for a fee from a number of different providers, depending on your needs I would recommend that you do some research into what is available, or read a list of the best VPN providers in 2021 to ensure you are getting high-quality service and connection strength.  

Why are Servers Necessary in Everyday Life?

If you have not realized it by now then let me remind you that servers are necessary for any service that you use which runs off of an internet connection. You may not understand the technical aspects but let me tell you that if you have used any form of social media, any online websites, or online shops then you have used your devices to access a server. With a significant portion of shopping and retail taking place on an online platform, servers are only going to grow in size and connection capabilities so that the increased demand and scale of the required connection can be catered for.  

In recent years we have been made more aware of our impact on the environment. We know now that our actions as a species have directly affected the atmosphere and weather. Summers are hotter. Winters are colder. And if we don’t make a change, we are in serious danger.

One innovation that has been a huge boost to the green initiative is the introduction of electric cars. These function exactly like normal cars, but rather than running on fossil fuels, they are powered by electricity. This means they have no carbon emissions and present no danger to the environment.

A lot of countries have been happy to introduce electric cars. Others have not. This includes the USA. The nation that is leading the charge in fighting against electric cars. This is odd considering Tesla, one of the worlds leading electric car companies, is American.


Some states have happily welcomes electric cars. But this is to be expected of those more liberal states. What really needs to happen is a massive red state needs to step up and prove to the others that electric cars are the way forward.

And it seems Texas has taken up this job. This came as a surprise to a lot of people, but it’s true. Texas is paving the way for electric cars and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. But how exactly are they doing this? Let’s break it down.

Tax Breaks

Texas is following the example Norway set. Norway introduced a massive series of tax breaks for people looking to buy electric cars, but also providing tax breaks to any company looking to sell electric cars in their nation.

Texas is looking to copy this method exactly. This would mean an owner of an electric car would pay less road-tax overall. And companies, such as Tesla, would have to pay less tax to sell their cars in Texas. This is a win-win for everyone. It means the price of electric cars will go down. As the price decreases and the reduced road-tax for owning one, more people are sure to get on the electric car trend.

Purchasing the Car

Texas is also making it easier for people to get a new car as well. We did a comparison of title loans in Texas against other red states like Florida. And Texas has removed a lot of the red-tape surrounding it. Interest rates on loans are capped at a lower rate, making it more viable for customers to get an electric car without breaking the bank or forcing themselves into excessive debt.

Free Charging

When you own a car, you know as well as I do that the biggest cost isn’t buying the car itself. It’s the fuel cost. And gas prices are only ever going to go up. Not down. A time will come when fuel is so scarce that gas will cost triple what it does now.

But Texas is incentivizing people to go electric by offering free charging in a few year’s time. This means there will be no additional fueling costs while driving. This is already a practice in Norway, so it is no surprise Texas is following suit.

Free charging does of course incur a cost to the state, but that cost is one Texas is willing to take on as the long-term benefits will be nothing but positive. Alongside the decreased pollution, Texas actually stands to save money by providing free charging.

You may not know this, but each state in America has to bid on the amount of pollution they are allowed to produce each year. If a state produces more pollution than allowed, it can be hit with very hefty fines. And they have to pay a steep upfront cost each year to cover the pollution they know they will be producing. So by increasing its green effort, Texas will save more money than it will ever spend on providing free charging.

We can only hope other states follow the example of Texas. If they do we might see a marked improvement in the global carbon footprint in the coming years.



Our society is literally built on the backs of construction workers. All the world’s greatest scientific marvels and artistic achievements were only possible because our ancestors put in the hours of back-breaking labor to build shelters.

Shelter protects us from the cold and the dark. It stopped predators from attacking us in our sleep. It increased infant mortality rates and overall health and wellbeing. And with the invention of shelters, we saw many more innovations come forth to improve our quality of life even more. Indoor plumbing. Central heating. Refrigeration.

The greatest devices ever built wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the men and women who built the houses and labs they were created in. This is why today we want to take a look at the World of Construction and how technological innovation has changed and shaped it over our history. Everything from the old, yet significant inventions. To the new and modern cutting tech construction tech.


Time was that construction was a dangerous profession. It still is, but less say today than one hundred years ago. Any major construction project is allocated a number of deaths or injuries that can occur before it is considered a problem. This is a grim, but indisputable fact that there are bound to be accidents.

But we have been seeking to minimize these accidents throughout our history. In ancient times people cared little if someone died building something. Mainly due to the fact construction was carried out by slave labor.

Nowadays, we put more value on human life. This is why modern construction workers wear a safety-focused uniform at all times. Hard Hats were one of the most significant inventions in this field. Made of a light-weight yet super resilient plastic. These hats are designed to make a significant impact and reduce the damage to the wearer. It has been proven that the introduction of hard hats reduced workplace accidents by a significant factor.

High-vis jackets are another invention that utilizes incredible tech to improve safety. They make use of cat-eye and reflective technology to be hyper-visible. Even in minimal lighting. This is important on a construction site as it can be, at times, difficult to spot a person. But their jackets make them stand out even from 100 stories up.


Recently I hired this concrete contractor for the project in my Florida home. They arrived and the job was done in a couple of days. I, of course, took this for granted as that is what I expected. But in the past mixing concrete was a tiresome and long procedure. Any work that needed concrete could take weeks or months. Whereas today a concrete mixer cuts the workload in half.

The tech itself is simple. An electronic spinning mechanism allows the concrete to be mixed automatically and quickly. But it just goes to show how even the simplest of tech innovations has the biggest impact on construction, and in turn our society.

This leads me to one of the greatest innovations of construction. The Crane. Cranes are not new by any means. There is proof that the ancient Egyptians used man-powered winches and cranes to build the Pyramids and other monuments. But modern cranes make use of two types of innovation to improve on this design.

Firstly, they are automated to a degree. No longer do they rely on man-power. They use technology to lift incredible weights with ease. The second is the fact they are built using modern industrial technology. This allows them to reach the highest heights imaginable. This wouldn’t have been possible in ancient times dues to the unstable nature of the materials they would use.


No construction project starts overnight. You can’t just find a plot of land, buy the materials, and dive in. There is a lot of rigorous and detailed planning that needs to occur before anyone can step on site. A lot of this planning is carried out by the architects before construction begins.

It involves a lot more than simply a creative flair and straight lines. It requires a lot of maths and scientific knowledge. A building is a sturdy, yet complex thing. Making use of a number of different materials and techniques to support the massive weight of itself.

In the past, this planning would take a long time. Mainly due to the fact that all the calculations had to be manually and checked over and over again. And then this process was repeated at the construction process as planning had to be done carefully.

Now we can make use of fantastic computers and calculators to help cut down on the calculation times. Something that could have taken a month to plan out can be done in a week or even a few days depending on the size. Gone are the days of using an abacus to sort these things out.

Another thing that we can do to help utilizes the power of simulations. These programs can perfectly simulate what the building will look like with its current specifications. It can then be given real-world physics. This lets the simulation calculate if the building will actually hold up one constructed. This can stop any potential disasters from happening further down the line and ensures construction is as safe as it can possibly be.



2020 may have been an absolutely terrible year in a lot of areas. Socially we were all locked down and confined by a global pandemic. Politically the world has never been more divided. But there is one area that still stands strong amidst all this chaos. And that is the world of Video Games.

Every year it seems the gaming world is blessed with new fantastic titles, incredible gaming stories, and fantastic new technology to make our gaming sessions more intense. So as we leave 2020 behind us, we want to take a look at some of the most popular games of 2020. To remind ourselves that there was some light in the darkness.


Call of Duty is a staple of the gaming world. You can always bank on there being a new CoD released in any given year. And you can guarantee that it won’t break from the winning formula that has made CoD such a success.

But Warzone did try something different. The battle royale genre has become rather saturated in recent years. Thanks to the success of Fortnite. So it’s no surprise that CoD would try to get in on the action.

But Warzone differs in one respect. It takes the winning CoD gunplay and combat systems to create a totally different experience. And with plenty of hacks, cheats and aimbots for warzone to help you win, it is no wonder Warzone was one of the most popular games of 2020.

Fall Guys

Move over Mario party, there is a new party game in town. Fall Guys appeared out of seemingly nowhere and became the summer smash hit. Everywhere we looked we saw articles and videos of Fall Guys. The charming take on gameshow such as total wipeout being played by 6ft tall bean men won hearts and minds everywhere.

The game uses the battle royale formula but is decided over a series of rounds where random mini-games are played. The stakes are always high as there can only ever be one winner. The game keeps things fresh by changing the theme every season. Everything from Wizards and Knights to Frozen winter wonderland. We personally cannot wait to see what exciting new minigames make an appearance in 2021

Among Us

Among Us has been around for a while now. But it was only this winter that it really came into its own. Moving from relative obscurity to being one of the most popular games on the planet. It takes the traditional werewolf/mafia gameplay idea and puts you and a small crew against alien infiltrators.

You have to use all your wits to complete the tasks and uncover the aliens before everyone is murdered. This seems simple but you have to deal with the fact that your teammates are often random people who seek only to troll you. Among us is playable for free on mobile or for purchase on other systems. We recommend playing the PC version as keyboard integration is much easier to use than a phone touchscreen.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for millions upon millions of gamers, the release of Animal Cross NH was a monumental occasion. Especially since people found themselves stuck indoors for a long time, this game offered everyone an escape to a more idyllic world full of friendly animals and comfy scenery.

The new iteration in the series added a lot of quality of life improvements the game has been calling out for. A crafting and milestone system to encourage continued play. Improved multiplayer and the ability to terraform the landscape.


It isn’t unusual to see medical professionals telling people they need to spend less time on their phones or away from their computers. Eye-strain, RSI, back-ache, and a number of mental conditions can be linked to prolonged exposure to technology and the blue light emitted from our screens.

And there is the massive social movement that aims to encourage us to step away from our screens and engage with the world around us, as our forefathers had to. And these people are often met with criticism. Particularly from the younger generations who have only known this digital world.

So why are we now seeing a stream of medical professionals recommending people start investing in smartwatches? Contrary to their usual stance of advising us to cut down on our technology use, they now want us to take it a step further.



For those who are unaware, a smartwatch is exactly what it sounds like. A smartphone-style watch. They look like a normal wristwatch and strap on just the same. But the clock face is actually a screen and it functions similarly to a modern phone. Scroll through apps. Bluetooth connection. And they even display the time, fulfilling their primary function as a watch.

They are extremely useful for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. You can check messages and emails on them, get live weather updates and some even offer facetime functionality. But there is one function that is responsible for the sudden surge of recommendations from doctors.



A few years ago you may recall FitBits became all the rage. They made the perfect Xmas present and it seemed everyone and their mother was out sporting a sleek FitBit. And they received a lot of positive press as they were encouraging people to take their health more seriously and exercise regularly.  Some medical companies even began promoting FitBits to encourage their use. For a brief time, you could get FitBit supplies at the face med store and other medical suppliers.

Some studies have looked into this phenomenon and have suggested that the data recorded and shown by a FitBit almost turns working out into a game. And humans are more likely to engage with something when they can see results in metric form.

But, of course, once a workout was done and dusted a lot of people would simply remove their FitBit for the day. This is where the smartwatches come into play.

Consistent Data

The biggest upside to a smartwatch is they are designed to be worn throughout the day. Aside from their social functions,  most smartwatches also contain all the tracking equipment as a FitBit.

This is the biggest reason medical professionals are encouraging people to invest in smartwatches. The ability to track your own biometric data throughout the day is fantastically useful to a doctor. If you ever found yourself falling ill or are injured, the data can be compiled and provided to the hospital to give a much more detailed medical history. This will allow for a greater degree of certainty when making a diagnosis.

Another useful function is that these watches can alert emergency services if you are in need of help. Gone are the days of needing to call for an ambulance. Even now we are hearing stories of people who have been saved by their smartwatches knowing they were having a heart attack before the patient did.

The Downside

It’s no wonder doctors are encouraging people to wear a smartwatch as often as they can. But there is a downside, as with anything. Firstly, they are extremely expensive at the moment. Being a luxury item, it is going to be a long time before we see them come down to more affordable prices.

There is also the argument raging about how our devices track and monitor us. In our society today it is nearly impossible to do anything or go anywhere without being tracked. So some argue these devices are just a step towards giving our bodies over to the cooperate machine.

We hope a day will come when everyone can make use of the safety a smartwatch can provide. Until then, I will stick to my FitBit.